This preview won’t be news to anyone who has been closely following Didier’s stream today, but Lord Frieza finally gets his due with a powerful new Level 1 personality!  Check out Frieza – Resident of HFIL:


As we’ve seen in Trunks – Dashing from Awakening, a Level 1 that can quickly accelerate your gameplan to Level 2 can make a big difference, especially in stacks that were previously stuck with sub-par lower Levels.  Frieza’s methodology is something we haven’t seen before, as he levels by sacrificing his owned Named cards!

Yes, there is finally a use for Frieza’s Captive Strike, not to mention amazing synergy with Frieza – Golden, and another soon to be revealed card!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
The best coming of age story you’ve never heard of.

There’s also something to be said about thinning your own Life Deck while gaining access to a Critical Damage Effect every turn — could a Frieza Dragon Ball Victory deck be part of the Celestial Tournament meta?

We hope you enjoyed this bonus reveal, don’t forget to check back on Friday for more Celestial Tournament!



4 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. While I like him I believe instead of an attack he should have an infinite ability (so therefore able to be used on three) that is somewhere like- “whenever you perform an attack, you can discard a card to do plus two stages or life cards of damage.” The Ability to discard the lets face it nearly useless named Friezas captive strike would make getting off three a bit easier for someone without any other discard outlet as well as a first punch on lvl three possibly doing +5 stages to lock them would be very usable or + 2 for a more reliable crit threat.


    1. I like the idea of changing the lvl 1 to a infinite power instead of an attack as well. Being able to pitch cards in hand to trigger effects are a good way of making a bad thing good! Very nice idea!


  2. Someone brought up a good point in our discussions his morning. That if you draw two or three named cards first turn your kinda boned, while unlikely I think adding banishing the named cards from life deck or hand would be a nice addition.


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