Last week we offered a sneak peek at our first new personality level from Celestial Tournament – Android 18, Prepared!

Her ability to filter the top of her deck at the start of every turn can set up smooth draws in control builds or crazy combos more aggressive builds.  Your opponent will be pressured to enter combat almost every turn against you — or risk you customizing your perfect Planning Step hand!

As with any powerful Level 2, you need to get there.  Blue Dominance, Orange Retribution Mastery, and Android Presence offer some great options for consistency, especially if you’re running Android Attack Drill!

She’s not just about control, as she provides the tools for a combat-oriented deck to smooth out its hands for Attacking & Defending.  Not to mention her awesome Attack Power, which is a free Energy for a minimum of 1 life card, that allows you to Rejuvenate an ‘Android’ card to use a Critical Damage Effect!  Aggressive decks that run a good line of Android cards and can buff this attack will be a real threat in the metagame.

We received a TON of feedback from our original reveal, including some comments about the image quality.  The beautiful thing about virtual cards is that they can be ever-evolving, so feast your eyes on the transformation of Android 18, Prepared!


This is the kind of quality you can expect to see moving forward, and we truly thank everyone for their patience as we continue to polish our efforts.

Check back on Friday when we share another Celestial Tournament reveal!



2 thoughts on “We Can Rebuild Her

  1. Awesome! Love the new 18 level 2, she has been one of my favorite MPs and character. Especially when she brought the beat down to Vegeta. (Also it was fun to annoy a few Broly’s with her stack)

    Though I have a question. Will there be an official guideline to printing out the virtual cards? Or is it just the best site/method we can find on our own?

    Can’t wait for more reveals!


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