When Perfection released, players were able to clearly see the potential behind Android 16’s ability to run both Heroes Only and Villains only cards.  Near-staple cards such as Stare Down, Confrontation, and the two Energy Spheres can be run alongside powerful cards such as Crushing Beam in order to overwhelm an opponent.  But due to his perceived lackluster Level 1 ability, which caused harm to the player as well as their opponent, he never saw much competitive play.

With his new Level 1 Personality, Android 16 – Focused, players can not only manipulate Alignment-restricted cards to a greater degree without having to advance to Level 2, but also get a powerful anger control ability!

The time for peace is over.


Notably, his new abilities do allow him to rejuvenate and search for Ally cards, if you choose to run them in your Android 16 build.  Could someone make a new control build, that uses the Level 1 ability to lock down their opponent’s anger while poking for 2+ life cards of damage every combat?  Or will he be more popular in aggressive builds, looking to chain the Level 1 HIT effect into a powerful combat using Android 16 – Distracted?

Celestial Tournament marches on, with more support cards for Legacy characters and 1 more Legacy MP on the horizon.  We’ll see you next week!


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