De-Levelers are very powerful in DBZ right now.  Unleashed, being at the forefront, is perhaps the most meta-defining card in the game.  Since the reveal of Frieza – Resident of HFIL, Frieza has needed protection from cards like Unleashed and Blue Neck Beam in order to stay at Level 2 (and above!).

King Cold – Caught Off Guard, provides just that.


With a powerful constant effect preventing your opponent from using effects to lower your level, you can be guaranteed to stay on Frieza – Golden as long as the King is around.  He’s also Named for your effects, meaning that Frieza can not only banish dear old dad to trigger his Level 1 ability, but he can also rejuvenate him to use a Critical Damage Effect on Level 2.  Interestingly enough, he also provides protection for any MPPV-focused build of Frieza that is looking to take advantage of Frieza’s Level 1 and Level 3 abilities.  Orange Retribution, anyone?

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Dad would be proud of Frieza’s success!

In the vein of Icarus – Supportive, King Cold provides a strong poke ability at any time if your MP is Frieza or his brother, Cooler.  It will help push damage across in decks using Blue Resolute Mastery or other buffs, and keep your Named cards in circulation for a powerful Frieza’s Supernova!  Frieza has been getting a ton of support so far in Celestial Tournament, with still more on the horizon.

Celestial Tournament previews continue this weekend, with another Legacy MP reveal!  Until then, long live the King.


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