Android 17 – Entertained has been getting a lot of attention since its reveal on TAK Games‘ Facebook page last week.  While he offers minor resistance to the draw power of the Awakening Goku levels, Android 17 will now have a solid place in the meta or in your deck rotation whenever you want to mess with Blue Resolute Mastery, Namekian Restored Mastery, or any number of replacement/single draw effects.  Whether he operates as merely a scarecrow, or a force to be reckoned with, remains to be seen!  Don’t count out his fixed stage physical attack, which can become rather large when buffed with cards like Blue Biting Drill or Orange Joint Restraint Drill.  Oh — and it can still get Android 17’s Van on HIT!

Enjoy this Hi-Tech variant of everyone’s favorite van-driving, gun-toting, future park ranger Android!


Note: The order of effects might seem out-dated, but it’s aligned with the Set 1 Template!
On Saturday, February 11th we will launch a poll where you can vote on which Celestial Tournament you want to see first!  There are 3 to choose from, and we will reveal the names Saturday.  But, for the mean time, here are some good insights into their powers, with each image representing a different MP:








3 thoughts on “Past & Future

  1. Any chance this High Tech Variant will be updated to match the current wording? Been playing with this new level, fantastic work, thank you!


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