It’s time to vote on which Celestial Tournament MP you want to see first!

The MP with the most votes will be revealed next Saturday, February 18th.

Voting closes Wednesday February 15th at Noon EST, so don’t wait!  Celestial Tournament will be released in full on March 1st, so the previews will be ramping up significantly starting with this reveal!

Can you guess which MP has what power set, based on the clues given in the last blog post?


4 thoughts on “Decide the Future

  1. This is awesome. FanZ devs, and everyone involved, please know that it’s greatly appreciated. Thank you for putting in work, uncompensated, for this community.


  2. I was a big fan in the days of Score Z and was always looking forward to Future Gohan would be in PanZ. I was getting all kinds of nervous since he was one of several personalities from the Power Pack and noticed that was more or less skipped by the last few sets.
    Knowing you guys will be putting hos MP out with PanZ sensibilities will leave me eternally grateful.


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