Welcome to our first MP reveal for Celestial Tournament!

The FanZ team is excited to truly kick off spoiler season for the upcoming virtual set.  Up until now, you’ve only seen some Legacy MP reveals, and one Legacy support card. Prepare for a drastically ramped up reveal schedule as we race towards the March 1st release date of Celestial Tournament.

Note: The ‘booster’ style MP levels will have card numbers assigned once the set drops!

Gohan doesn’t have “Future” in his name, so that he can easily mix with any of his prior releases, such as Gohan – To The Rescue.  This new stack offers some abilities that haven’t been too prevalent in the game — active debuffs of your opponent’s attacks and the ability to shut off your opponent’s personality powers.


Gohan – A New Hope has a good poke of a physical attack along with a constant debuff of your opponent’s life card damage – already creating a solid life card swing!  His attack’s immediate effects allow for some solid anger control while also letting you shut off any personality’s effects.  It won’t work against powers used when entering combat, so plan accordingly!


Gohan – Strikes Back retains the debuff of his Level 1, while dramatically ratcheting up the damage output!  A monster 6 life card physical attack with an awesome anti-anger immediate is already solid enough; but punishing your opponent with a larger Sinister Choke should allow you to control the flow of a combat with ease.  Dynamic Mastery, anyone?


Gohan – Empowered is the final level to contain the -1 life card debuff, and although the size of his physical attack is smaller than Level 2, you can potentially use it twice, creating up to a 14 life card swing!


Gohan – Martyr is an absolute beast at the top of the stack.  Shades of Black Devious Mastery linger here, but you no longer have to discard a card from your own hand to ravage your opponent’s combat prospects, and you get a bigger life card damage buff.  On top of that, no personality effects means that Gohan will have absolute advantage once he reaches his new Level 4.  But he won’t be there forever, unless an effect is shutting off the de-level clause to his constant power!  It certainly seems that Piccolo has trained Gohan well in this timeline.


We’ll be back early next week with the next reveal – King Kai!


Oh, and enjoy these HT variants of [Future] Gohan!


3 thoughts on “The Future is Now

  1. Not “Gohan, Return of the Warrior” and “Gohan, Power Awakened” for his levels 3 and 4? I’m a little sad to see the Star Wars joke get dropped so fast


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