One of the biggest draws of the Dragon Ball Z card games has always been the competitive tournament scene.  Without a company sponsoring cash prizes, the task once again falls to the fans to keep it alive.

This year, expect 6 “Kai” level events – including the always popular North Kai event that has its origins back in the “Retro Z” days.  Each event will have a specific Style attached to it; the winner of the event getting the right to make a card of that Style for an upcoming FanZ release!

In addition to the create-a-card prize, the FanZ team will be serving up physical copies of promos from FanZ sets, and of course the specific store hosting the event can sweeten the pot with prizes of their own!

Want to submit a request to host a Kai event?  Send an email to with your name, store you represent, store contact info, and preferred event date (send a couple to increase your odds!)

More prizes, events, and excitement to come as FanZ continues to develop!

You’ve already seen the new King Kai MP set which debuted on TCG Top Tier earlier this week, and people have been dying to know what the King’s favorite friends, Bubbles & Gregory, bring to the table.

Harambe would be proud
Don’t mess with filler characters!  

Both Bubbles & Gregory live in the afterworld (and get their halos once Goku decides to denotate Cell on King Kai’s world), so it is fitting that they both can make their way back into your Life Deck if they would leave play.  Bubbles adds a viciously strong control element to King Kai’s game, at the cost of a card from your hand.  Being able to keep your opponent from using cards like Time is a Warrior’s Tool or Stare Down will easily turn the tide in any match.  I’m sure someone can find some good synergy with cards that trigger on discard…..

Gregory brings some bite to the battle, with a solid poke attack that can be used twice per combat.  He can really add some potency to a Blue Training deck, triggering mill twice via Blue Waiting Drill!

We’ll see you soon for more spoilers as the countdown to Celestial Tournament continues!


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