With the debut of Pikkon – the third and final MP set from Celestial Tournament – only hours away on our partner site TAK Games, we wanted to give those of you in the US time zones a look at his powerful named cards!

Pikkon is focused on anti-event powers — but not simply in terms of canceling or ‘sphering’ the events your opponent plays.  His abilities will punish your opponent for using events in the same fashion that ‘Future’ Gohan’s Level 2 and 3 do with personality powers.  As a nod to his sometimes-Namekian history from past Dragon Ball Z games (remember, he can NOT use Namekian Style in FanZ!), Pikkon also has a mild rejuvenation theme that can be found in both his named cards – Pikkon’s Thunder Flash and Pikkon’s Hyper Tornado.

Pikkon’s Thunder Flash is one of the most powerful Named attacks ever made.  At 6 life cards of damage for 1 power stage cost, it’s already an incredibly efficient Energy attack.  Add in 3, potentially 4, immediate effects PLUS great anger control as part of his parenthetical, and you have a top tier card.  The ability to eliminate 2 copies of an event from the game at once is super strong, and this card will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of any Pikkon deck.

Pikkon’s Hyper Tornado has much fewer text than Pikkon’s Thunder Flash, but its simplicity belies its quality.  An omni block that isn’t banish after use is already worth attention, but giving you the option to Rejuvenate 2 during combat adds wonderful flexibility.  This card could buy Pikkon the extra time he needs to finish off an opponent at the end of a game.

We’re almost ready to start rolling out Styled previews — the graphics team is working hard to get all of the cards finalized and looking awesome.  Don’t forget to check back before this weekend to see King Kai’s named cards as well as his sweet looking HT promos!


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