Super King

King Kai is shaping up to be a major player in the ally & control worlds, with cards like Bubbles – Curious ready to crush the dreams of anyone looking to turn the tides with a specific card.  Knowledge is always a good thing in games, and especially DBZ, where deciding not only WHAT to do, but WHEN to do it, can secure victory or ensure defeat.


King Kai’s Joy Ride shares a rare parenthetical with cards like Tug of War and Dr. Wheelo’s Revival, in that it will trigger off of mill (self-inflicted or not) and damage.  You can also take advantage of the parenthetical AND trigger it for endurance, a la Tug of War, adding some extra value to an amazing hand reveal (yes, there’s that pseudo-keyword that will trigger many a Black Style card).

When not used for its passive effects, it’s an ally tutor for a non-constant ally, and it lets you rejuvenate Bubbles or Gregory from your Banished Zone in case of emergency.  Since it has a skip effect, you can run this card without being worried that whatever ally you search for will just get blown away by your opponent’s next action.

You can check out King Kai’s other named card launching this weekend on TCG Top Tier!
Organized Play Notes

Some notes on submissions to for Kai events:

  • Be sure to include the following: venue capacity; expected turnout (estimated); whether or not you will be pre-registering.
  • Please do not request a specific ‘Style’ for the create a card prize; this will be determined once all the locations are locked in

Popular Pikkon

Pikkon has been getting tons of love after his reveal on TAK Games earlier this week!   Check out these sweet Booster-style personality levels.  Which one is your favorite?



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