Here are some more updates for the FanZ Kai Events!  We are working out details between stores to determine which location will host the 3rd and final Kai event of this half of the season, before Legends releases with a new CRD update and Frozen List update.

Remember, the winner of each event gets to create a styled card matching the style of the Kai event in an upcoming FanZ set!

North Kai – Blue – Saturday March 25th, Xtreme Games Lindenhurst IL
East Kai – Black – Saturday May 27th, The Comic Book Store Glassboro NJ
West Kai – Red – Date TBD, Forgotten Path Games Vacaville CA
South Kai – Orange – Date TBD, Showcase Comics & Collectibles Slidell LA
Grand Kai – Namekian – Gencon 2017 (exact day TBD) Indianapolis IN
Supreme Kai – Saiyan – Date TBD, Paradox Comics-N-Cards Fargo ND


3 thoughts on “Kai Event Updates

  1. Darn. I was really hoping you would hold South Kai at Dragon’s Lair in Austin, TX. That store was a great venue that regional was so much fun (aside from the power outage that happened in Austin mid-tournament xD).
    Thanks for the update! Please let us know when you fix the dates so I can get some plane ticket action going asap before they gouge me on the price…


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