Greetings, FanZ faithful!  It’s been over a month since our last update — things have been busy out there in the real world.  Thankfully, there is a ton of great content being posted from the fans, notably Random Number Gaming and FanZ Warriors Gather.  Be sure to check them out on a regular basis to get your content fix!

This blog will see a lot of activity around new set releases, mostly in the forms of previews (we are only a few weeks out from Legends previews).  You’ll also get event dates, top decklists from completed events, and teasers of the Kai event winners’ custom cards that will be released in future sets.  Don’t forget the CRD & Frozen List will be updated after the completion of the West Kai event, so that the final 3 Kai events of the season have a fresh feel & meta.  (In addition, Set 9, Legends, will impact the last few Kai events!)

East Kai’s Time to Shine

Our second official Kai event – East Kai – is fast approaching!  It will be held in Glassboro NJ at The Comic Book Store on Saturday, May 27.  Click this link for the official event page.  Expect a solid turnout with some of the big playgroups in the Northeast making the trip.  I’ve even heard some rumors that a new MP from Legends may be on display!

Check out a photo of the trophy:

Legends say the trophy is filled with the tears of the Dennis Brothers.  Only the champion will know for sure.

Kai Event Schedule

We have the official dates of the remaining Kai events, with the exception of Grand Kai (Gencon).  Once the exact event date for that tournament is finalized, we will post it!

East Kai – Black – Saturday May 27, The Comic Book Store Glassboro NJ
West Kai – Red – June 17, Forgotten Path Games Vacaville CA
South Kai – Orange – July 15, Showcase Comics & Collectibles Slidell LA
Supreme Kai – Saiyan – July 29, Paradox Comics-N-Cards Fargo ND
Grand Kai – Namekian – Gencon 2017 (exact day TBD) Indianapolis IN

Australia events are still in the works – once we have concrete info, it will be shared.


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