“Have you tried Villain Vegeta?”

While this statement from the old Panini Blog has become a tongue-in-cheek meme, it was only slightly away from the truth.  With an amazing, anger-gaining named card in Vegeta’s Final Flash, Villain Vegeta was looking mighty interesting.  His anger-centric powers lend themselves nicely to a monster attack, plus an aggressive personality loves ways out of combat once the damage is done.

However, Vegeta’s original Level 1 from Premiere really doesn’t hold up these days.  While it IS easier to achieve HIT status than ever before, Vegeta offers no card advantage, no active ability on his villain Level 1, and low power levels/power-up rating.

In Legends, we get a glimpse at the powerful Prince of Saiyans as a child, long before he becomes Goku’s greatest rival.

Note: This card should be considered still in ‘alpha’ status, as playtesting for Legends is still in full swing.  Our intent is to keep the final product as close to the following as possible, but changes may occur.  


Vegeta, The Crown Prince addresses almost ever concern with the classic Villain Vegeta Level 1.  His power level is still on the low-side, reflecting his abilities before the start of Dragon Ball Z.  However, he won’t stay down for long, as his new constant ability adds extra anger to every card you play that doesn’t include ‘anger’ in the text box.  Keep in mind this includes things that LOWER your opponent’s anger, so choose wisely!

If that wasn’t enough, Vegeta finally has a strong ability to lead off the game with — a Physical Attack for 4 stages is equivalent to the power of Broly, and like Broly he also raises his anger by 1 as an immediate effect.  The HIT effect is also solid, and will give your opponent pause and perhaps even force a block in a situation where they would normally let a 4 stage attack hit.

Oh, and peep that PUR of 3!

When Legends drops on July 1st, Vegeta won’t be the only Saiyan getting a legacy level update — but he may be the most exciting!

So, are you excited to try Villain Vegeta?


3 thoughts on “Have you Tried Villain Vegeta?

  1. I dont think this level needs to say “HIT” because it needs to hit to do the critical damage anyway. If it’s just a way to avoid confusion from people asking if it needs to hit, then I understand.


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