Kami has had a rough go.  In the original Score DBZ CCG, he never appeared as a personality card until the Retro days.  “Kami Fades” and “Kami as Your Ally” were cute cards in the Frieza Saga, but such an important character deserved his own MP stack.  Even in Panini’s version, he was only granted an Ally card (albeit a very powerful and popular one).

Kami’s role throughout Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z is to be the guardian of Earth, and the creator of the Earth Dragon Balls.  When Kami (or Piccolo) dies, they cease to function.  With the Earth Dragon Balls being under-powered and under-represented in Panini DBZ, we wanted to craft a powerful character to take advantage of the large buff and ball-bouncing that the mastery provides.


Kami – Earth’s Guardian starts off with a Constant effect that feels just like Namekian Knowledge Mastery’s mill effect.  With the extensive ball-bouncing cards available to EDB’s, this ability alone can swing games.  He even brings one to the table in the form of his printed, free energy attack, that allows you to search out incredible Styled Drills as an immediate effect.  Black Smoothness Drill, Namekian Hospitality Drill, or Namekian Heritage Drill would all make great choices (just to name a few).  Pepper in solid damage, along with anger & rejuvenation on HIT, and you have a very solid level 1.


Kami – Prepared wastes no time in reminding you that you get to keep your drills when you advance to, or lower from, Level 2.  His energy attack ramps up the damage, while adding targeted rejuv & an automatic Ball capture.  You can even pile on with another drill tutor if it HITs and you have 3 or more EDB’s.  You can use this to grab a drill that you just rejuvenated!


Kami – Fighting Spirit lets you ball-bounce AND recover a banished EDB as soon as you advance to Level 3.  His constant is one of the most powerful modifiers in the game, and rewards you for controlling 3 or more EDB’s with a massive -3 stage debuff on all of your opponent’s attacks, and a +3 life card buff to your own energies.  That means with Namekian Radiant Mastery, you can be delivering an insane +5 life cards of damage to your attacks!  His POWER also helps with the ball bounce/ball recovery game, not to mention grabbing important drills you may have lost to endurance or banishment.

Yes, we see the typos on this card and they will be fixed before release!


Kami – Overseer wants to end the game.  When you reach Level 4, you get a free EDB capture or you can recover a banished EDB directly into play!  Even though Kami loses his Constant abilities on Level 4, he packs a monster Energy Attack for 6 life cards that should easily meet its requirements to grab a Styled Drill & being unstoppable.  That means if you are running Namekian Radiant Mastery and grab Namekian Heritage Drill, this will be an unstoppable Energy Attack for 12 life cards!

No personality would be complete without their named cards, and Kami’s are some of the best.


Kami’s Focused Beams is another named card that begs to be used with Defiant Challenge.  An immediate effect that tutors a Styled Drill, along with the potential for insane damage output with double modifiers — oh, and a crazy HIT effect!  Being able to give your opponent a Dragon Ball (for you to capture back) is the obvious use — but what other sneaky things can be done with this card?


Want to make your opponent feel the mill pain, on top of your Level 1 power?  Kami’s Guardian Drill will ruin their day.  Tutorable with almost all of Kami’s levels & Focused Beams, this card will deliver massive amounts of mill damage every single turn while it’s in play along with some EDB’s.  Targeted rejuv of up to 2 cards and endurance are just icing on the cake for what should be a very powerful card in the Legends meta.

Thanks for reading our first Legends preview, and look for the set to be available on July 1st!


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