The following breakdown of Bardock was crafted by Phil McGrath.  Enjoy the long awaited debut of the Father of Goku!



It could be said that the entirety of the Dragon Ball universe is set in motion on a day many years ago, when Bardock made his best Jor-El impression and strapped an infant Kakarot into a ship that would one day take him to Earth. This is the only interaction we see between Bardock and his son. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that Goku doesn’t seem to have any parenting skills himself. But today, in honor of Father’s day, we celebrate Bardock anyway!

Bardock possesses some unusual powers for a Saiyan, and his iconic personality stack in the Score era reflected this. One of our design goals was to capture both his essence as a character, as well as the nature of his original stack.


Bardock level 1 kicks things off by picking through your opponent’s deck and removing particular threats, as well as providing critical deck knowledge in the beginning stages of the game. His power also grants a peek at your opponent’s hand, a nod to his original level 1. This comes at the cost of a little bit of self-destruction, however there are ways to mitigate the cost (or turn it into a positive!) for those players out there with a keen perception. Additionally, Bardock possesses a unique constant that will guarantee 1 anger per turn in tandem with his power, and escalate quickly against decks like Orange Retribution or Restored Gohan that are repeatedly searching for things. Players can get the most mileage out of this power by utilizing other effects to pick through the opponent’s deck such as Surprise Attack and Black Scout Maneuver.



Bardock masters the ability to peer into the soul of his opponent at level 2, gaining a full hand reveal at all times. His constant continues to provide a source of anger, this time triggered by mill effects. In order to reach the upper levels of Bardock’s power, recurring mill sources such as Blue Waiting Drill, Orange Energy Dan Drill, and Black Perceptive Mastery will be a huge boon. This level also contains a familiar hand filtering power that Bardock can utilize both to permanently remove the very threats that his level 1 targeted, as well as control the flow of combat.


At level 3, Bardock retains his mental abilities while sharpening his deck destruction focus. Although this level can only target styled cards, repeated uses can pick apart an opponent’s strategy with terrifying speed. On top of the ability to sculpt your opponent’s deck into the opposite of a fine oiled machine, his power provides a little bit of combo potential in multiple styles. Red Ascension and Blue Resolute have obvious synergy with this effect. This ability is strong on its own, but when coupled with hand and deck knowledge, it is especially potent!


Bardock finally ascends to legendary status and his personality powers reflect that. He once again retains his hand knowledge. This time, he gains a vaguely familiar constant effect that heavily amplifies your opponents deck weaknesses. With full knowledge and persistent hand advantage (both in quality and quantity) he is a force to be reckoned with. His power also provides a moderate flow of stages and a decent sized mill effect with some additional utility. It’s not hard to imagine situations where Bardock could mill his own styled setups into play in a pinch!


The ability to see beyond time surely presents some unusual choices, and this premonition will force both players to make difficult decisions based on what outcome they want! The card is an immediate +1 to hand advantage in Bardock’s favor, as well as a combo tool with certain Black effects.


Bardock’s Spirit Javelin searches for, and destroys, a card from your opponent’s deck. This triggers his constant effects on both level 1 and 2. It also provides a lot of unusual utility. The effect will be unwieldy, and it is easy to imagine scenarios where it will not be especially strong, but against combat oriented decks it gives Bardock access to your opponent’s full arsenal of immediate effects. Critical effects, tech, and anger will be at Bardock’s disposal, if only for a moment in time.

Stay tuned for further spoilers from all corners of the community, including a third MP reveal on the way!

-Phil McGrath-


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