Spam is typically something that players don’t love in DBZ – whether its decks that generate action after action, cycle the same Dragon Ball multiple times a turn, or lay their entire hand full of allies, setups, and/or drills on the board during their Planning Step.


One of the Ultra-Rares in Legends, Amphibious Exploration Drill, tackles the issue of the Planning Step spam.  It’s no fun when your opponent drops 3 Dragon Balls on the first or second turn of the game, or when 3 Allies hit the board.  This drill allows for a new kind of control deck to be built; perhaps one driven by Android 20 with his ability to tutor this card on his Level 1?

To make this card worth running, the parenthetical will let you filter it out of your hand to gain stages in a pinch.  While not as powerful as some other filtering effects, it still lets you ‘save it for later’ while generating a benefit.

How will you use this card to drive your opponent crazy?



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