Admittedly, I had no idea who Chilled was until several months ago — assuming he was some non-canon or fan-made creation.  His role as the progenitor of the “Legendary Super Saiyan” tale passed on to his descendants King Cold, Frieza, and Cooler definitely helps bring a sense of completeness to Bardock’s tale.  The fact that Goku’s father becomes the first Legendary Super Saiyan after being sent back in time from Frieza’s blast is very neat, as any mythos that deals with time travel tends to be.

It would’ve been very easy to shoehorn Chilled into the Named card/Frieza archetype that was reinforced with Frieza’s new level 1 and the King Cold ally in Celestial Tournament.  But we wanted to make sure Chilled had his own place in the meta, and saw the opportunity to create a very unique beatdown personality as the final MP in Legends.


Big life card attacks are game-ending fuel in DBZ.  As power creep took hold throughout the game, 4 life cards became 5, then 6, and the number kept creeping up.  When 1 attack can be dealt for more than 1/10th your Life Deck, it was considered a powerhouse card that had to be included in most builds.

So why convert the life cards into stages?  Isn’t that counter-intuitive?  We had to build some rewards into Chilled’s MP stack to make this trade-off worthwhile.  Right off the bat, you have an instant power that supports the constant with a Critical Damage effect, and a burst of 2 anger.  While his POWER doesn’t necessarily support the damage conversion, it’s a solid draw/discard effect (giving you more choice than a similar discard/draw) that rejuvenates 1 as well.


Chilled – Space Pirate offers more cohesive synergy with the constant effect.  Not only does the constant start buffing damage by 1 stage, but Chilled now has his own Physical Attack for 5 stages (6 with the buff) built in.  It has immediate anger and rejuvenation, and will automatically deliver critical damage if it hits.


Chilled – On the Move ….. wait, no — Chilled – Pissed starts to turn up the heat on your opponent.  The damage buff is gone, but now all of your attacks that deal 5 or more stages of damage are considered to do critical damage.  As a nod to the Red Enraged Mastery (should we rename it the ‘chilled’ list?), you get 1 anger every time you use a critical damage effect.  Chilled’s physical attack gets a major upgrade here, with 1 immediate anger (and 1 more upon hit if it deals all of its stages), rejuvenation of 2, and a powerful HIT effect that will banish an opponent’s Setup, Drill, or Ally from the game.  You might find yourself not using the free anger from his constant in certain matchups, preferring to stay on Level 3 as long as possible to control the board.


Chilled – Prophet is a critical damage machine.  All of your attacks that deal a measly 2 stages of damage now enable you to use a critical damage effect.  On top of that, Chilled channels Evolution‘s Hidden Power Drill and caps all Personalities at 5 above 0.  Now that this effect is on a character and not a Drill, it should prove much more difficult to navigate.  Chilled’s POWER helps him avoid hurting himself too much with his constant, gaining 3 stages and taking 3 away (or perhaps milling) from an opponent.


Chilled’s Enraged Volley is a quality card, even just from the fact that it becomes a ‘must-block’ due to the HIT effect keeping it on the table to be used again.  Combine that with its quality immediate effects – 1 anger, a Nappa’s Energized Strike-esque power stage drainer upon leveling (I hear decks like to level these days), and a floating effect that can stack with multiple uses to drain additional stages every time you use a Critical Damage effect – and you have a card that can devastate your opponent.  Oh, and 2 endurance makes this card even better.


Chilled’s second named card, Chilled’s Prescience, already catches your eye with 3 endurance.  While it may feel like Cooler’s Rebirth, it plays differently and has flexibility all the same.  The parenthetical is very unique, allowing you to surprise your opponent after an attack becomes successful with critical damage, while also replacing itself with a freshly drawn card.  The event’s POWER rejuvenates a solid 3 cards, while also draining any personality in play 3 stages.  Which effect of this card do you like the most?

Chilled is the final MP to be revealed for Legends, which releases in just a few days on July 1st.  Stay tuned to the blog and all of our partner sites/content providers for some final previews leading up to the big day.


One thought on “Inception of Legend

  1. Now that the Final CRD from Panini is out, is there any word of there being updates to it from you guys on whether Set 8 and on MP stacks will be able to use the Frozen Masteries? I see Chilled and get a naughty feeling by thinking about combining him with Red Enraged.


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