It’s time for the mid-season CRD update, with 3 Kai events in the rear-view mirror following the release of Celestial Tournament.  Just a reminder for the remaining events this year:

South Kai – Orange – July 15, Showcase Comics & Collectibles Slidell LA
Supreme Kai – Saiyan – July 29, Paradox Comics-N-Cards Fargo ND
Grand Kai – Namekian – Gencon 2017, Indianapolis IN

We’ve listened to a lot of fan feedback, and have been testing some changes for the past few weeks.  While the changes included in the CRD aren’t designed to completely turn the meta on its head, there were a few cards that were repeatedly being abused and re-used during games at the Kai events.  Additional cards are under review and will be considered for changes at the end of the Kai season before we launch the next wave of Organized Play.  The card updates that go live as of this moment are:

  • Orange Checkup Drill is now Limit 1 Per deck.
  • Orange Bicycle Kick gains “Banish after use”
  • Orange Meditation gains “Banish after use”

We also have a rules change taking effect immediately for all official FanZ events.

  • Drills now have “memory” (you can read a full description of this rule change in the CRD file, updated in the link at the top of the page)

The Frozen List is not receiving any updates at this time, but will more than likely have some additions when the next season kicks off.

Get ready to enjoy Legends, releasing in just a few days on July 1st!

You can download a copy of the CRD here: FanZ CRD 1.2



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