There has been a lot of bluster over the last several days, mostly pertaining to the Legacy Bonus, its associated restrictions, and what this all means for the future of ‘competitive’ FanZ.

We want to be very clear — Black Devious Mastery & Red Enraged Mastery are extremely powerful and would put the game into the point-of-no-return, well beyond the current power of Masteries such as Orange Retribution & Saiyan Empowered.

The FanZ Dev Team would’ve loved nothing more than for these Masteries to stay Frozen, but after all, FanZ is a fan service, by fans.  It’s about creativity, options, variety, and fun for those who continue to play a game no longer supported by its parent company.  The overwhelming discussion and opinions on the internet in the days prior to the Final Panini CRD led us to believe we could make a compromise — give the fans of these Masteries access to them again, while enacting simple and clean rules to keep them balanced.  We also try our absolute hardest to adopt Panini’s rulings, errata, and guidelines into FanZ.  After all, that’s our roots.  This change, however, had to be mitigated due to the design of cards during Awakening that never would have happened if these Masteries were still allowed to be used in tournaments.

In the yet-to-be-announced “Set 10”, we will be debuting new Masteries.  We are extremely excited about developing these cards and their various supporting cards — and we are also excited about the possibility of shaping the meta with a new Frozen List.  With the first official FanZ OP season wrapping up at the end of the summer, we will have an opportunity (as originally communicated during the roll out of OP & the first FanZ CRD) to create a new Frozen List that keeps the meta fresh and allows these new Masteries to take hold with the fans.  Black Devious, Red Enraged, and others from Premiere and Evolution are being watched very closely, and will more than likely fade into the sunset with Set 10’s arrival.  But, you never know.

This latest CRD is designed to carry us all through the end of the OP Season.  It’s not an indictment of Panini, or a dictator demanding that you all play the way we say.  FanZ has always been about offering — not mandating — structure.

We thank all of you that have shown unwavering (and sometimes scary) support for our efforts.  It makes continuing to design, playtest, and deliver the game we love really worthwhile, even in the shadow of Bandai, MetaX, and other competitive games vying for everyone’s attention and leisure time.

We can’t wait to see what decks you all cook up for the final OP events of the year.  Have fun, compete hard, and Make FanZ Great Again.

-The FanZ Dev Team


Legends Easy-Print PDF

You can download the Easy-Print PDF of Legends here.

More Legends Revisions

We have updated the text of Orange Grimace and Namekian Malicious Intent.  You can find the images here and on the Legends checklist.

A Cold Reception

We have updated King Cold – Caught Off Guard from Celestial Tournament to reflect his true intent.  Kudos to all of you that used him in unique ways as a “Named” card for different MP’s!  For balancing and intent purposes, he now acts as a Named card only for his kin — Cooler, Frieza, and the newly released Chilled.  You can find the updated image here, on the Celestial Tournament checklist, and in the newly updated CRD as well.

40_King Cold Ally RV1


We are admittedly imperfect — especially when trying to balance our workaday demands with getting you fans content as quickly as possible.  We definitely missed some overpowered interactions with Red Enraged Mastery and the Legacy Bonus, so we are adding some more cards to the restricted list — including one card that is sure to elicit some dissenting opinions:

  • Red Flourish (Awakening U94)
  • Red Driving Knee (Awakening C41)
  • Unleashed (Vengeance UR142)

Red Flourish has redundant interactions with the classic Red Shoulder Grab, and was not created with Enraged Mastery in mind.  We felt it best to restrict this card as opposed to Grab, which is really a staple in a wider variety of Red decks than Flourish is.

Red Driving Knee just has too much raw explosive potential with Red Enraged Mastery, generating up to 3 anger without any other effects in play.  We felt it needed to be restricted.

Unleashed has been a troublesome card since it’s release, splitting the community.  Some love it, some hate it.  We are using the Legacy Bonus for the remainder of the season as a proving ground for this restriction, and ultimately may introduce cards in “Set 10” that support most of the positive aspects of Unleashed without some of the negative ones.

We have also made a change to the text of Red Scanning Drill (Awakening U95), in order to prevent an infinite loop with Bardock.  We understand that this goes against our normal “FanZ errata before PanZ errata”, but in the interest of letting Bardock stretch his legs for the rest of the OP season, we are going to make this small change and revisit it after the season is over.

You can download Panini CRD 1.4 here


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