As the fourth Starter Deck set (the first starter set for FanZ and 10th set overall) Dragon Ball Z: Revelation aims to take the DBZ tcg to new heights. With Revelation we will be introducing a new mastery for each style, brand new MP sets for fan favorites such as Supreme Kai, Dabura, and Goten. Older MP’s such as Krillin will receive a new personality set as well as his wife android 18 receiving her first Hero personality stack.

traitsguide.pngPerhaps the most exciting new addition to the game in Revelations is the new Trait system. This mechanic was already somewhat represented in the game with saiyan and namekian personalities. However, the world of dragon ball is vast and filled with different types of fighters and we thought that they should be represented as well! For example maybe personalities with the earthling trait are more adept at manipulation energy attacks like the great turtle and crane schools, while android personalities can pay for attacks in other ways thanks to their limitless stamina. We will be providing cards similar to this trait card for each different trait, similar to the Heritage List in the old rule books, If a panini personality you control does not have a trait listed simply refer to the trait card to see what traits that personality has. For example you are playing Yamcha and were wondering what trait he has, if you were to look through the trait list you would see that Yamcha only has the earthling trait. On release of Revelation we will be updating all of the FanZ set personalities to have the correct traits listed on the card itself, oh and for those of you that ordered the Awesomesauce proxies….well we’ve known about this mechanic for awhile and all of the proxies will have the traits on them already!!


Here is an example of set9’s Kami with the traits. As you can see on his card Kami has 2 traits God and Namekian. This means that this level of Kami is considered both a god and a namekian for any effects. Next we have an example of how traits will work on cards in the game!


Set 10 brings back fan favorite Blue Terror and you may notice the god symbol there on the card, how does this work in game? Any personality may run Blue Terror in the deck and may also perform the attack. However, the card effect following the God trait only triggers if the personality performing the attack (MP or Ally) has the matching trait. So if Kami performs Blue Terror he gets to use the card effect following the God trait. In contrast if Krillin performs Blue Terror he does not get to use the card effect as he does not have the god trait.

Hope everyone is as excited about Revelation as we here at the DeadZone are!! Look forward to more info in the time leading up to our Nov15th release date!




2 thoughts on “Introducing Dragon Ball Z: “Revelation”

  1. I’m liking this. The whole system is something that could have easily been in the game from the get-go. This will make for some interesting deckbuilding scenarios.
    You guys are doing well with these new sets. I only ask you keep the community more updated regarding events…East, South, West, and Grand Kai top cut decklists were never posted. Personally, seeing this stuff generates hype. I could only go to East this year and I very much want to see the winning decks across the country.


  2. I’m liking this trait thing so far, should be interesting to see it implemented. I think that’ll make stuff more balanced. Like instead of saying ‘oh, we can’t do that Black card, it’ll be too good with Krillin / whoever’ you can add a trait that Krillin can’t use and open up new avenues in the same style. I’m syched up even more then before to see what you guys do with this.

    Also, thanks for dealing with the AwesomeSauce proxies.


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