Krillin is back in s10 revelation receiving his first full MP stack since premier set1!

k1Krillin lv1 sdcc was a force and had become quite iconic over the course of the game Krillin, settle down Lv1 will potentially re introduce Krillin to the tournament scene. Immediately you will notice Krillin works well will setup strategies as his constant gains just enough stages to use a Blue ki build up that may enter play for you during the course of a combat. Krillin can also grab your a styled setup that will enter play at the end of combat to setup for next turn. Krillin creates powerful strategies by interacting with multiple styles and numerous cards such as Red relaxation, Black power up, and Blue blockade.

k2Krillin, in training lv2 further continues Krillin’s abilities with setups and now drills as well, I suppose all of those years of training with Goku under Master Roshi have paid off! This level is a great continuation of his new level one and his original lv1 as it creates potential defensive Crit based strategies as well as letting you build for the next turn by searching your deck for a crucial drill or setup.

k3Krillin,Z warrior lv3 continues Krillins theme of setups and drills providing advantages in and out of combat but this time if you can get a setup or drill in play during combat he can either gain anger to push to one of his powerful lv4’s or try and slow the game abit by reducing your opponents anger. Krillin also shifts gears a bit by gaining an offensive attack that can further your board state. If his built in hits you can even recover a bit of live while getting to choose and remove key cards from your opponents discards!!

k4Krillin, Victorious Lv4 continues from his new lv3 with an aggressive power as well in the form of an energy attack that your can use twice as well as having an incredibly powerful hit effect. With his improved constant, now setups and drills entering play during combat can banish cards from the top of your opponents deck!

So that’s Krillin, we here at fanZ hope you enjoy and are looking forward to seeing which styles you will use him in!

Thanks again – Joey

Oh yeah…. let’s not forget his wife and runner up in the world’s martial arts tournament android 18!




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