Greetings Dead Zone, Didier here. I know I’ve been kind of absent on my channel recently, but the fact is, I’ve enrolled in Orange Star High School and met a powerful fighter that I want to introduce to you all. Enter Videl: The Hellion, The Student. The Bearer of Super Saiyan God Babies.

Videl and I go way back to Score/RetroDBZ. In Score she was only useful when standing off against a villain opponent, which made her inconsistent and therefore unplayable. RetroDBZ brought her to unseen heights with the introduction of a new level 1, The Hellion, which made your opponent considered a villain and a Majin for the remainder of game. This created a new archetype under Videl. A techy, controlly aggro deck using all those Heroic cards from the Majin Buu and later sets in ScoreZ to destroy pretty much anything you wanted.

One quick glance at the Panini cards and you realize Heroic cards are severely absent. You can, however, see those concepts morphed into the toned brawler below:


Starting out simple and clean (the way she’s making me feel tonight) with this level 1. Videl is not one to push out big numbers so you won’t see her rise above the A bracket, however she does learn to utilize ki. You see Videl’s main mechanic surface first here: She has multiple effects she can choose and activate! If you need some stages, take them. If not, push out a smidge of damage with deck destruction! Good thing too… since this attack will, at best, come in for 1 damage.  Her constant catapults her to level 2 in the first combat. This also defines the deck you should be using her in. It didn’t take long for her to understand the basics of ki manipulation, and once you do, on to level 2:


Videl’s level 2 solidifies the types of decks you want to make. Will you camp on level 2? Push to her GAME CHANGING 3? Either way you’ll start doing damage now that she can use her ki to empower her attacks. Her power comes with versatile hand cycling that is able to activate effects like Blue Guard. Value town, population Videl! If a powerful reduction on your opponent’s anger won’t help you, perhaps you can choose to increase your deck destruction for the remainder of combat? Videl marks the first, and currently only, hero personality to gain this augment to milling. Cell, Wheelo, Tao, and pretty much everyone else due to Toro can but not so much heroes! That changes today. It is especially potent with the Black Mischievous Mastery, but I expect to see uses in Blue with Biting and Waiting Drill, as well as Orange Adept and Red Ruthless.


Level 3 is handidly my favorite level of Videl and highlights her versatility. She gets an upgraded AT constant as well as the literal best board control power in game. Choose to either place a setup AND drill on top of its owner’s deck or double crit. Better than a double crit, it’s considered to deal critical damage and will banish all those nasty attachments like Black Capture. Some fun things you can do with this power:

Return control of a drill your opponent stole with Acquisition Drill.

Save one of your Drills/Setups from your opponent’s board clear.

Clog up your opponent’s draws to go on the offensive next turn.

There’s so much more you can do with her but these are my favorites.


If her level 3 is where you want to be against control decks, the level 4 is a monster against other beatdown. She grants every attack you perform 2 ways to deal damage, either by making your AT = 5 or a solid mill on hit. Finding yourself pitted against a field of allies doesn’t seem so bad when you can go straight for the life deck. This constant is also applied on her biggest attack power. Either raise Videl to ful or Rejuvenate 3,  gifting your Videl deck the late game staying power she needs to seal games.

Of course, a good MP stack wouldn’t be complete without even better named cards


If you thought choosing between effects wasn’t enough, how about getting both effects for free instead? Videl’s bread and butter attack ignites all her MP levels and other named card into something special. Add on its solid damage, endurance, and minor anger effect just for icing! It also pays a nice homage to her daddy by shuffling into your life deck after use. Like father, like daughter, or so they say.


A simple card that physical beats always played around with. Videl isn’t exactly the brawniest fighter of the bunch, but her size and speed is represented in this card. Choose to either skip your opponent’s next action, or take them out by the knees with an immense banish 7 off the top of their discards. But of course, draw a card to truly start your attacking combo string.

Videl will get value out of any physical that references AT. Because of her built in board control, she offers a wide array of playstyles. The Jane of All Trades. Place her in the same category as Trunks Sword: Midrange, controlly aggro, beats. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with her.

Until next time Z warriors.


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