18 has a change of heart

Android 18 has been a huge Z fan favorite since the day she hit the scene in the Android Saga. A lot of PanZ players where hyped to see her enter the game back in Evolution, but sadly, she has never amounted to much. Android 18 receives new life with her first hero stack.


Hero Android 18 has a lot of “Style.” Settled Down begins what will be a consistent theme on all her levels: Styled named cards and cheaper Styled attack costs. A18’s Toss and Destructo Disk get a Styled hook up as well as some cost reduction (A18’s Arm Breaker also gets some love here). Red Amplified Mastery should be a lot of fun with this stack. Red Left Bolt And Red Combined Blast for one stage? To help her consistency, she comes packaged with a small poke energy attack that helps her get off level one and the strong ability to return any styled card upon a hit. Red Leap anyone? It becomes a lot more playable as an attack, and you got to love the potential of rejuvenating it.


Aggressive retains Styled named cards and attack stage cost reduction. Honestly, she’s better in just about every way then Level 1. Attack cost is free now. Damage is higher. Rejuvenating is a secondary with a reach into the Banished Zone! Wow! Oh, and you never want to stop this attack. Like ever. Search for any Named card when stopped?! Yes! Even in a “Time is a Warriors Tool” combat, A18’s Destructo Disk can still get to you.


Finalist keeps rolling with Styled Named goodness and then spices things up with a -2 cost to all style attacks. Most of your attacks are going to be completely free at this point. When entering combat, she gets to search for a Named card (powerful!). Any extra cards into your had is always powerful. With level 1 and 2’s powers to rejuvenate named cards, you’ll almost always have something to search for. A18’s Toss can really put on the hurt at this level. Search it at the being of combat, its cost is free, and then you get to follow up with A18’s Destructo Disk. She continues to rejuvenate any styled card from both lost zones (what’s with the machines and their rejuvenating? I’m looking at you Metal Cooler). We haven’t even covered what might be her best effect on this level. To top it all off? Your opponent discards a card! I don’t even know what to say.


Runner Up is certainly not a runner up in power level. Named cards are styled as always. Some rejuvenating upon reaching level 4 (much like Cooler level 3.) She has a lot of parallels to Drawku Level 4. +2 life cards to styled attacks, -2 stage cost for styled attacks, and the ability to grab what you need to win the game. Android 18 is going to close out games real fast once she reaches this level with a constant barrage of Tosses and Disks.


Android 18 has learned a thing or two from her husband Krillin… Android 18’s Destructo Disk is much like her husband’s Disk with her own flavor. You can’t stop it much like Krllin’s, but the female version can be prevented. But do you really want to prevent it? A18’s attacks are already free or close to it most of the time, so giving her another card can be asking for trouble.


Android 18’s husband may be the best incarnation of the omni block parenthetical ally. Right after your done blocking, you can turn on the offensive with the juicy life card buff to your styled attacks (Disk is now in crit range.) You opponent is now faced with a tough choice when given the option to remove Krillin from play. Let you keep a +1 life card boost, or put another omni block back into your deck.



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