Mastery review and OP1 announcement!

Hello everyone! We here at the deadzone hope that you are enjoying our previews through our blog, retro, and multiple fan
run sites and blogs. We can’t wait to fully reveal set 10 *Revelation* to you and below this post you will the new masterys
for each of the fighting styles!

additionally, we are happy to announce OP1! OP1 is a very very small set (10 or so cards) that will launch between set 10 and
set 11. OP1 will include each of the Kai winners cards from our first organized play season as well as a few cards that
people have been begging for such as a new MP level for…. *clears throat* NNNNAAAAAAIIIIIILLLLLL. Moving forward OP sets will
be how we release the organized play cards that each of our KAI champions designed, these cards were initially going to be in
s10. However due to the size of the set and the need to test and provide support to new personalities and new mastery we felt that
we could produce not only a better s10 by fleshing out these new ways to play but also producing a better end result for the player
created cards as we will be able to bounce ideas and testing results back and forth off of the Kai champions and who knows….maybe
a few of those players will want to take advantage of the new Trait system.

With OP season 1 finished and OP1 announced we are also happy to announce that shortly after the release of Revelation we will put a
email address on the blog where people can apply to host next seasons organized play season.



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