Supreme kai arrives

Greetings dead zone, Didier here, again! After leaving Orange City High School, I ascended up on high to the West quadrant and came across a mentor that is, in one word, Supreme.


Targeted shuffling on this level 1 sets the tone for a control based MP. Get all those key pieces back into your deck! Something I discussed at length in some of my previous DBZ articles, you should never look at shuffling as heal damage.That is what it’s doing … don’t get me wrong, but you’ll never out heal a Goku or Dabura’s onslaught on your life deck. Truly, this targeted shuffling is to get all those key cards back into your life deck that you want to draw. On the defense, be sure to shuffle in those blocks you’ll need. On the aggressive, shuffle in a key tutor with the Eternal Dragon. Set up your board with Kami for the ultimate stasis deck and this little beauty:


Your opponent better be packing crits…draw a card when entering, combo with most levels of Supreme Kai. Shuffle in the cards you don’t want and grab that needed Blue Betrayal or Orange Stare Down


This power is now actually usable on Supreme Kai 🙂 Perfect hand knowledge and choosing their best card gone, this has obvious implication in Black style with Black Swirl. Black Mischievous can generate you multiple anger, will we see a black MPPV SK? He gets a solid attack with even more regen. The bottom of your discard pile will certainly be drawn often with this stack. Players will need to take care in the order the play their attacks and the way they’re filling their discard pile to get the most out of Supreme Kai.


I….just…you see…the…draw?

Read the damn card again.

Ok You’re back?

You basically draw any card in your discard pile…

Get to this level to win the game.


Ok now that we’ve come down from the cosmic journey to the Other World, Supreme Kai Level 3, and back we have the level 4. If you reach this level you are either losing or going for MPPV.

Haha ok seriously this guy has excellent control of your opponent’s draws, but I know you hate it as much as I do when facing Trunks or Roshi and this power means nothing. After reaching INSANE draw potential with Kibito+SK3, on 4 he gets a solid attack for 5 in case you draw dead. You may only have 1-2 attacks left in your deck late game. This gives you a chance to draw them.


Of course, this wouldn’t be truly godlike if SK didn’t have his companion with him. Always draw the bottom card of your discard pile with this card, grab Sheron, or any ally for that matter. This pushes SK straight into energy beats. Fill your board with allies and drain down to use all their powers. Of course Blue will be great, however not necessarily Tag since this gives you banished tutoring, with Clash it will be enough, so I’d go Resolute.


Stop! And listen, this card is almost better than Puzzles. Bold, I know, but I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. Go aggressive with this card and care not about your opponent holding that setup. Or get out of a time combat unscathed. It has endurance so it’s always going to get extra mileage in your deck. SK can certainly cherry pick this from the discard pile when he needs. Supreme Kai is sure to be an MP for the ages. Breaking the boundaries of all the styles, everything SK may be as strong as the great Karkarot himself.


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