Goten, son of Goku

Hello once again Z-warriors! Today we will be covering Goku’s youngest son who has a striking resemblance to this father. Of course im speaking about Goten!


Goten lv1 brings a good bit to the table. He already modifies your attacks to deal additional stages and of course to compliment hes constant he has a built
in physical attack. This attack has the benefit of generating anger for you in a traditional way, or even being used to maybe force your opponent off a troublesome


Goten lv2 awards you for reaching it immediately with his parenthetical effect and can help you set up board presence or even push further into a combat by grabbing
a drill that can generate another action. Once again Goten modifies damage this time making you do +1 stage and your opponent deals -1, sort of a reverse mirror of what
his father was doing during the cell saga. Again Goten can try to propel or halt himself or his opponent with his hit effect generating or reducing a player 2 anger.


Goten lv 3 once awards a Goten player for reaching this new level of power and this time opens his drill tutoring ability to the discard pile as well which is especially
good for goten to pull off during a combat. Perhaps your a combo deck trying to push long combats, Goten compliments this extremely well by being able to cycle a card
from his hand or can even generate card draw by destroying one of your own drills.


Goten lv4 displays Gotens true power as a super saiyan. His theme of getting stronger through progressing through his levels and reaching new strengths is sure to impress even Goku! Gotens Power can hit like a truck and has a chance to close out some games when used in conjunction with his named cards …if you are willing to give up some board presence.


Goten has a pretty great throw, just ask Gohan! Goten’s rock throw can close out games, it awards Goten for building a board but can tire him out in the process. However, when combined with cards such as confrontation and baba, whic give Goten hand knowledge you can know when to start throwing your board at your opponent.


Lastly we Goten’s final named card. Defensive stance can help Goten recover from a physical onslaught by powering him up to full it also rejuves up to 3 styled drills from his discards or banished zone. This card is a saving grace in certain match ups due to Goten decks usually packing a fair share a cards that are “dead” during combat itself. We here at the Deadzone hope that you enjoy Goten and the rest of our previews leading up to the release of s10 Revelation.


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