Present or Future?

Today I am happy to reveal “Kid Trunks”…yes thats right Kid Trunks. Why is this a thing? Well im going to be completely honest with all of you, through the development of Panini DBZ Kid Trunks was always planned to just be called Trunks. This means his stack would be mixable with (future) Trunks as well as sharing a named card pool with him. This was reflected in cards such referencing Trunks, with the intent of it working with any future Trunks stacks. With that said, we here at FanZ do pay attention to what people say and claim to want, so after alot of deliberating it was decided to diverge from the Panini path in this instance in order to give the people what they want! This also helps extremely cool fan events like the WMAT by adding another unique MP set for them to use. Now I know alot of you will say ” well what about future Gohan ?!?! If he’s mixable why isn’t Trunks??? rabble raaabbblllee piccolo named card rabble” This will be address in the s10 CRD. I dont mind spoiling how this works with Gohan right now, essentially due to the 1 shot nature of “future” Gohan he will maintain his title of “Gohan” however there will be a CRD entry specifying that if you are using one of the “Future” Gohan levels you must use them all, aka he will not be mixable with other Gohan stacks but will still have full access to Gohan named cards.

Well with that wall of text out of the way, we are happy to present you “Kid Trunks”, His named cards, and of course his mother.



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