Organized play season 2 applications are here! With the great success of our first season of Kai events it is only natural for us to schedule our season 2!

This year, expect 6 “Kai” level events(north, south, east, west, grand, and supreme). Each event will have a specific Style attached to it; the winner of the event getting the right to make a card of that Style for an upcoming FanZ release (working title OP2)! In addition to the create-a-card prize, the FanZ team will be serving up physical copies of promos from FanZ sets, and of course the specific store hosting the event can sweeten the pot with prizes of their own!

Want to submit a request to host a Kai event?  Send an email to with your name, store you represent, store contact info, rough estimate of attendance, any prizes you would supply ( top cut mats, trophies, etc), and preferred event date (send a couple to increase your odds!) We will be choosing events in the next few weeks so make sure to get those applications in quick!

In addition to the Kai events we will be holding a “Tournament of Power” (look for more info soon). Each Kai event will reward players “Power Level” for this OP season. At the end of the OP season a select number of players who have the highest Power Level will be chosen to fight in the “Tournament of Power” to show who is the most powerful z-warrior in all the lands…well for this OP season at least. Look for more information on this event when the Kai events are announced.

dbz kai 2

In the meantime! Here are some upcoming and exciting Fan run events for every to get everyone warmed up for Organized Play season 2!



The Dennis Games






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