We are happy to introduce to everyone our second OP season! Throughout the course of the season there will be many community events as well as official fanZ OP events which will help grant Z-Warriors Power Level, Power level will of course help players enter into the tournament of power at the end of the season!

So without further delay, here are our event titles, locations, and power level distribution.

*Dragon Prix -Wild Card Qualifiers*

Over the course of the season there will be (2) Wild Card Qualifiers . One to  start of the season and one to end the season. These events award Power Level as well as awarding it’s champion automatic entry into the end of the year Tournament of Power.

The Power Level distribution for Dragon Prix- Wild Card Qualifiers is as follows.

1st: 2,000 Power Level and invite to the Tournament of Power

2nd: 1,000 Power Level

3rd/4th: 500 Power Level

The locations and dates for these events are as follows

  1. Mindsight Gaming            Jan 27th
    2212 60th street
    Kenosha, WI 53140
  2. Eternal Games                   June 9th
    (586) 684-4263 | Store                                                                                                                  Warren, Michigan

*Kai Championships* (note: dates subject to change)

Over the course of the season there will be (6) Kai Championships. These events award Power Level, an invite to the T.O.P for the winner, as well as giving the winner the ability to design and develop a card for a future release!

The Power Level and Prize Distribution for Kai Championships

1st: 9,001 Power Level , invite to the Tournament of Power, ability to create a card of assigned style.

2nd: 2,500 Power Level

3rd/4th: 1,000 Power Level

5th/8th: 500 Power Level

The Kai Championships assigned styles, dates, and locations are as follows!

*West Kai * Namekian Style : Forgotten Path Games in Vacaville CA , Call (707) 474-9834, Feb 10th

*Supreme Kai* Black style:  Card addicts 2015 Valleydale Rd, Suite 8, Birmingham, Alabama 35244, (205) 443-8060,  Feb 24th

*South Kai* Blue style: Showcase comics, 1071 Robert Rd Suite 12, Slidell, Louisiana , 70458, Call (985) 214-9100  ,  March 24th

*North Kai* Red style: Xtreme Games, Antioch, Illinois, Call (224) 788-9100, March 10th

*East Kai* Saiyan style: The comic book store, 30 N. Main Street, Glassboro NJ 08028, 856-442-0402 , April 28th

*Grand Kai* Orange style: Chaos Games and More, 521 Chinook Ln Pueblo, CO 81001 , 719-542-1237   May 26th

Lastly ….

*The Tournament of Power*

The Tournament of Power is going to be an online tournament consisting of the top 16 players from this Organized Play season. These 16 players will consist of the 6 Kai winners, the 2 Wild card winners from the Dragon Prix events, and lastly the 8 players from the season with the highest Power Levels! Look for more info in the future and this event will take place after the season….date tba


Q and A

q) I’ve already won a kai event and have just won my second kai event. what happens?

a) You still gain the 9001 power level from the 1st place finish in the 2nd kai event. However, the 2nd T.O.P invite and 2nd create a card grandfathers down to 2nd place and so on.

q) Can fanZ development staff qualify for the T.O.P.

a) No. FanZ development staff can play in OP however they do not qualify for power level, card creation, or T.O.P invites. If they place high these prizes would grandfather down.

q) How do we track power level?

a) We will be tracking power level here on the blog. Look for a OP season Tab soon that will include a “leader board”, qualified players, and event pages.


We hope this announcement has y’all pumped as much as we are! The team can’t wait to see, meet, and get some games in with all of you soon!





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