CRD changes and updates!

The following changes are effective immediately! Look for these updates to be added to the Revelation checklist as well as an addition to the FanZ crd. Also expect a s8 and s9 image update so that the Personality cards will have the traits printed on them!

Also make sure to keep sending in those Kai event request to! We want to make sure we pick locations that will grant OP events to as much of our player base as possible so send in those requests while there is still time! Look for more info on the Kai events and the Tournament of Power in the coming weeks!



Organized Play Season 2!

Organized play season 2 applications are here! With the great success of our first season of Kai events it is only natural for us to schedule our season 2!

This year, expect 6 “Kai” level events(north, south, east, west, grand, and supreme). Each event will have a specific Style attached to it; the winner of the event getting the right to make a card of that Style for an upcoming FanZ release (working title OP2)! In addition to the create-a-card prize, the FanZ team will be serving up physical copies of promos from FanZ sets, and of course the specific store hosting the event can sweeten the pot with prizes of their own!

Want to submit a request to host a Kai event?  Send an email to with your name, store you represent, store contact info, rough estimate of attendance, any prizes you would supply ( top cut mats, trophies, etc), and preferred event date (send a couple to increase your odds!) We will be choosing events in the next few weeks so make sure to get those applications in quick!

In addition to the Kai events we will be holding a “Tournament of Power” (look for more info soon). Each Kai event will reward players “Power Level” for this OP season. At the end of the OP season a select number of players who have the highest Power Level will be chosen to fight in the “Tournament of Power” to show who is the most powerful z-warrior in all the lands…well for this OP season at least. Look for more information on this event when the Kai events are announced.

dbz kai 2

In the meantime! Here are some upcoming and exciting Fan run events for every to get everyone warmed up for Organized Play season 2!



The Dennis Games





Present or Future?

Today I am happy to reveal “Kid Trunks”…yes thats right Kid Trunks. Why is this a thing? Well im going to be completely honest with all of you, through the development of Panini DBZ Kid Trunks was always planned to just be called Trunks. This means his stack would be mixable with (future) Trunks as well as sharing a named card pool with him. This was reflected in cards such referencing Trunks, with the intent of it working with any future Trunks stacks. With that said, we here at FanZ do pay attention to what people say and claim to want, so after alot of deliberating it was decided to diverge from the Panini path in this instance in order to give the people what they want! This also helps extremely cool fan events like the WMAT by adding another unique MP set for them to use. Now I know alot of you will say ” well what about future Gohan ?!?! If he’s mixable why isn’t Trunks??? rabble raaabbblllee piccolo named card rabble” This will be address in the s10 CRD. I dont mind spoiling how this works with Gohan right now, essentially due to the 1 shot nature of “future” Gohan he will maintain his title of “Gohan” however there will be a CRD entry specifying that if you are using one of the “Future” Gohan levels you must use them all, aka he will not be mixable with other Gohan stacks but will still have full access to Gohan named cards.

Well with that wall of text out of the way, we are happy to present you “Kid Trunks”, His named cards, and of course his mother.


Goten, son of Goku

Hello once again Z-warriors! Today we will be covering Goku’s youngest son who has a striking resemblance to this father. Of course im speaking about Goten!


Goten lv1 brings a good bit to the table. He already modifies your attacks to deal additional stages and of course to compliment hes constant he has a built
in physical attack. This attack has the benefit of generating anger for you in a traditional way, or even being used to maybe force your opponent off a troublesome


Goten lv2 awards you for reaching it immediately with his parenthetical effect and can help you set up board presence or even push further into a combat by grabbing
a drill that can generate another action. Once again Goten modifies damage this time making you do +1 stage and your opponent deals -1, sort of a reverse mirror of what
his father was doing during the cell saga. Again Goten can try to propel or halt himself or his opponent with his hit effect generating or reducing a player 2 anger.


Goten lv 3 once awards a Goten player for reaching this new level of power and this time opens his drill tutoring ability to the discard pile as well which is especially
good for goten to pull off during a combat. Perhaps your a combo deck trying to push long combats, Goten compliments this extremely well by being able to cycle a card
from his hand or can even generate card draw by destroying one of your own drills.


Goten lv4 displays Gotens true power as a super saiyan. His theme of getting stronger through progressing through his levels and reaching new strengths is sure to impress even Goku! Gotens Power can hit like a truck and has a chance to close out some games when used in conjunction with his named cards …if you are willing to give up some board presence.


Goten has a pretty great throw, just ask Gohan! Goten’s rock throw can close out games, it awards Goten for building a board but can tire him out in the process. However, when combined with cards such as confrontation and baba, whic give Goten hand knowledge you can know when to start throwing your board at your opponent.


Lastly we Goten’s final named card. Defensive stance can help Goten recover from a physical onslaught by powering him up to full it also rejuves up to 3 styled drills from his discards or banished zone. This card is a saving grace in certain match ups due to Goten decks usually packing a fair share a cards that are “dead” during combat itself. We here at the Deadzone hope that you enjoy Goten and the rest of our previews leading up to the release of s10 Revelation.

Supreme kai arrives

Greetings dead zone, Didier here, again! After leaving Orange City High School, I ascended up on high to the West quadrant and came across a mentor that is, in one word, Supreme.


Targeted shuffling on this level 1 sets the tone for a control based MP. Get all those key pieces back into your deck! Something I discussed at length in some of my previous DBZ articles, you should never look at shuffling as heal damage.That is what it’s doing … don’t get me wrong, but you’ll never out heal a Goku or Dabura’s onslaught on your life deck. Truly, this targeted shuffling is to get all those key cards back into your life deck that you want to draw. On the defense, be sure to shuffle in those blocks you’ll need. On the aggressive, shuffle in a key tutor with the Eternal Dragon. Set up your board with Kami for the ultimate stasis deck and this little beauty:


Your opponent better be packing crits…draw a card when entering, combo with most levels of Supreme Kai. Shuffle in the cards you don’t want and grab that needed Blue Betrayal or Orange Stare Down


This power is now actually usable on Supreme Kai 🙂 Perfect hand knowledge and choosing their best card gone, this has obvious implication in Black style with Black Swirl. Black Mischievous can generate you multiple anger, will we see a black MPPV SK? He gets a solid attack with even more regen. The bottom of your discard pile will certainly be drawn often with this stack. Players will need to take care in the order the play their attacks and the way they’re filling their discard pile to get the most out of Supreme Kai.


I….just…you see…the…draw?

Read the damn card again.

Ok You’re back?

You basically draw any card in your discard pile…

Get to this level to win the game.


Ok now that we’ve come down from the cosmic journey to the Other World, Supreme Kai Level 3, and back we have the level 4. If you reach this level you are either losing or going for MPPV.

Haha ok seriously this guy has excellent control of your opponent’s draws, but I know you hate it as much as I do when facing Trunks or Roshi and this power means nothing. After reaching INSANE draw potential with Kibito+SK3, on 4 he gets a solid attack for 5 in case you draw dead. You may only have 1-2 attacks left in your deck late game. This gives you a chance to draw them.


Of course, this wouldn’t be truly godlike if SK didn’t have his companion with him. Always draw the bottom card of your discard pile with this card, grab Sheron, or any ally for that matter. This pushes SK straight into energy beats. Fill your board with allies and drain down to use all their powers. Of course Blue will be great, however not necessarily Tag since this gives you banished tutoring, with Clash it will be enough, so I’d go Resolute.


Stop! And listen, this card is almost better than Puzzles. Bold, I know, but I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. Go aggressive with this card and care not about your opponent holding that setup. Or get out of a time combat unscathed. It has endurance so it’s always going to get extra mileage in your deck. SK can certainly cherry pick this from the discard pile when he needs. Supreme Kai is sure to be an MP for the ages. Breaking the boundaries of all the styles, everything SK may be as strong as the great Karkarot himself.

All hail king Dabura!!

Hey everyone! Unfortunately I have not had much time to post these past two days but hopefully the wait is worth it. Due to time constraints I was unable to provide a write up for Dabura, but lets just let the king of the demon realm speak for himself!

18 has a change of heart

Android 18 has been a huge Z fan favorite since the day she hit the scene in the Android Saga. A lot of PanZ players where hyped to see her enter the game back in Evolution, but sadly, she has never amounted to much. Android 18 receives new life with her first hero stack.


Hero Android 18 has a lot of “Style.” Settled Down begins what will be a consistent theme on all her levels: Styled named cards and cheaper Styled attack costs. A18’s Toss and Destructo Disk get a Styled hook up as well as some cost reduction (A18’s Arm Breaker also gets some love here). Red Amplified Mastery should be a lot of fun with this stack. Red Left Bolt And Red Combined Blast for one stage? To help her consistency, she comes packaged with a small poke energy attack that helps her get off level one and the strong ability to return any styled card upon a hit. Red Leap anyone? It becomes a lot more playable as an attack, and you got to love the potential of rejuvenating it.


Aggressive retains Styled named cards and attack stage cost reduction. Honestly, she’s better in just about every way then Level 1. Attack cost is free now. Damage is higher. Rejuvenating is a secondary with a reach into the Banished Zone! Wow! Oh, and you never want to stop this attack. Like ever. Search for any Named card when stopped?! Yes! Even in a “Time is a Warriors Tool” combat, A18’s Destructo Disk can still get to you.


Finalist keeps rolling with Styled Named goodness and then spices things up with a -2 cost to all style attacks. Most of your attacks are going to be completely free at this point. When entering combat, she gets to search for a Named card (powerful!). Any extra cards into your had is always powerful. With level 1 and 2’s powers to rejuvenate named cards, you’ll almost always have something to search for. A18’s Toss can really put on the hurt at this level. Search it at the being of combat, its cost is free, and then you get to follow up with A18’s Destructo Disk. She continues to rejuvenate any styled card from both lost zones (what’s with the machines and their rejuvenating? I’m looking at you Metal Cooler). We haven’t even covered what might be her best effect on this level. To top it all off? Your opponent discards a card! I don’t even know what to say.


Runner Up is certainly not a runner up in power level. Named cards are styled as always. Some rejuvenating upon reaching level 4 (much like Cooler level 3.) She has a lot of parallels to Drawku Level 4. +2 life cards to styled attacks, -2 stage cost for styled attacks, and the ability to grab what you need to win the game. Android 18 is going to close out games real fast once she reaches this level with a constant barrage of Tosses and Disks.


Android 18 has learned a thing or two from her husband Krillin… Android 18’s Destructo Disk is much like her husband’s Disk with her own flavor. You can’t stop it much like Krllin’s, but the female version can be prevented. But do you really want to prevent it? A18’s attacks are already free or close to it most of the time, so giving her another card can be asking for trouble.


Android 18’s husband may be the best incarnation of the omni block parenthetical ally. Right after your done blocking, you can turn on the offensive with the juicy life card buff to your styled attacks (Disk is now in crit range.) You opponent is now faced with a tough choice when given the option to remove Krillin from play. Let you keep a +1 life card boost, or put another omni block back into your deck.