Mastery review and OP1 announcement!

Hello everyone! We here at the deadzone hope that you are enjoying our previews through our blog, retro, and multiple fan
run sites and blogs. We can’t wait to fully reveal set 10 *Revelation* to you and below this post you will the new masterys
for each of the fighting styles!

additionally, we are happy to announce OP1! OP1 is a very very small set (10 or so cards) that will launch between set 10 and
set 11. OP1 will include each of the Kai winners cards from our first organized play season as well as a few cards that
people have been begging for such as a new MP level for…. *clears throat* NNNNAAAAAAIIIIIILLLLLL. Moving forward OP sets will
be how we release the organized play cards that each of our KAI champions designed, these cards were initially going to be in
s10. However due to the size of the set and the need to test and provide support to new personalities and new mastery we felt that
we could produce not only a better s10 by fleshing out these new ways to play but also producing a better end result for the player
created cards as we will be able to bounce ideas and testing results back and forth off of the Kai champions and who knows….maybe
a few of those players will want to take advantage of the new Trait system.

With OP season 1 finished and OP1 announced we are also happy to announce that shortly after the release of Revelation we will put a
email address on the blog where people can apply to host next seasons organized play season.



Videl enters the battle!

Greetings Dead Zone, Didier here. I know I’ve been kind of absent on my channel recently, but the fact is, I’ve enrolled in Orange Star High School and met a powerful fighter that I want to introduce to you all. Enter Videl: The Hellion, The Student. The Bearer of Super Saiyan God Babies.

Videl and I go way back to Score/RetroDBZ. In Score she was only useful when standing off against a villain opponent, which made her inconsistent and therefore unplayable. RetroDBZ brought her to unseen heights with the introduction of a new level 1, The Hellion, which made your opponent considered a villain and a Majin for the remainder of game. This created a new archetype under Videl. A techy, controlly aggro deck using all those Heroic cards from the Majin Buu and later sets in ScoreZ to destroy pretty much anything you wanted.

One quick glance at the Panini cards and you realize Heroic cards are severely absent. You can, however, see those concepts morphed into the toned brawler below:


Starting out simple and clean (the way she’s making me feel tonight) with this level 1. Videl is not one to push out big numbers so you won’t see her rise above the A bracket, however she does learn to utilize ki. You see Videl’s main mechanic surface first here: She has multiple effects she can choose and activate! If you need some stages, take them. If not, push out a smidge of damage with deck destruction! Good thing too… since this attack will, at best, come in for 1 damage.  Her constant catapults her to level 2 in the first combat. This also defines the deck you should be using her in. It didn’t take long for her to understand the basics of ki manipulation, and once you do, on to level 2:


Videl’s level 2 solidifies the types of decks you want to make. Will you camp on level 2? Push to her GAME CHANGING 3? Either way you’ll start doing damage now that she can use her ki to empower her attacks. Her power comes with versatile hand cycling that is able to activate effects like Blue Guard. Value town, population Videl! If a powerful reduction on your opponent’s anger won’t help you, perhaps you can choose to increase your deck destruction for the remainder of combat? Videl marks the first, and currently only, hero personality to gain this augment to milling. Cell, Wheelo, Tao, and pretty much everyone else due to Toro can but not so much heroes! That changes today. It is especially potent with the Black Mischievous Mastery, but I expect to see uses in Blue with Biting and Waiting Drill, as well as Orange Adept and Red Ruthless.


Level 3 is handidly my favorite level of Videl and highlights her versatility. She gets an upgraded AT constant as well as the literal best board control power in game. Choose to either place a setup AND drill on top of its owner’s deck or double crit. Better than a double crit, it’s considered to deal critical damage and will banish all those nasty attachments like Black Capture. Some fun things you can do with this power:

Return control of a drill your opponent stole with Acquisition Drill.

Save one of your Drills/Setups from your opponent’s board clear.

Clog up your opponent’s draws to go on the offensive next turn.

There’s so much more you can do with her but these are my favorites.


If her level 3 is where you want to be against control decks, the level 4 is a monster against other beatdown. She grants every attack you perform 2 ways to deal damage, either by making your AT = 5 or a solid mill on hit. Finding yourself pitted against a field of allies doesn’t seem so bad when you can go straight for the life deck. This constant is also applied on her biggest attack power. Either raise Videl to ful or Rejuvenate 3,  gifting your Videl deck the late game staying power she needs to seal games.

Of course, a good MP stack wouldn’t be complete without even better named cards


If you thought choosing between effects wasn’t enough, how about getting both effects for free instead? Videl’s bread and butter attack ignites all her MP levels and other named card into something special. Add on its solid damage, endurance, and minor anger effect just for icing! It also pays a nice homage to her daddy by shuffling into your life deck after use. Like father, like daughter, or so they say.


A simple card that physical beats always played around with. Videl isn’t exactly the brawniest fighter of the bunch, but her size and speed is represented in this card. Choose to either skip your opponent’s next action, or take them out by the knees with an immense banish 7 off the top of their discards. But of course, draw a card to truly start your attacking combo string.

Videl will get value out of any physical that references AT. Because of her built in board control, she offers a wide array of playstyles. The Jane of All Trades. Place her in the same category as Trunks Sword: Midrange, controlly aggro, beats. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with her.

Until next time Z warriors.

Krillin is back!

Krillin is back in s10 revelation receiving his first full MP stack since premier set1!

k1Krillin lv1 sdcc was a force and had become quite iconic over the course of the game Krillin, settle down Lv1 will potentially re introduce Krillin to the tournament scene. Immediately you will notice Krillin works well will setup strategies as his constant gains just enough stages to use a Blue ki build up that may enter play for you during the course of a combat. Krillin can also grab your a styled setup that will enter play at the end of combat to setup for next turn. Krillin creates powerful strategies by interacting with multiple styles and numerous cards such as Red relaxation, Black power up, and Blue blockade.

k2Krillin, in training lv2 further continues Krillin’s abilities with setups and now drills as well, I suppose all of those years of training with Goku under Master Roshi have paid off! This level is a great continuation of his new level one and his original lv1 as it creates potential defensive Crit based strategies as well as letting you build for the next turn by searching your deck for a crucial drill or setup.

k3Krillin,Z warrior lv3 continues Krillins theme of setups and drills providing advantages in and out of combat but this time if you can get a setup or drill in play during combat he can either gain anger to push to one of his powerful lv4’s or try and slow the game abit by reducing your opponents anger. Krillin also shifts gears a bit by gaining an offensive attack that can further your board state. If his built in hits you can even recover a bit of live while getting to choose and remove key cards from your opponents discards!!

k4Krillin, Victorious Lv4 continues from his new lv3 with an aggressive power as well in the form of an energy attack that your can use twice as well as having an incredibly powerful hit effect. With his improved constant, now setups and drills entering play during combat can banish cards from the top of your opponents deck!

So that’s Krillin, we here at fanZ hope you enjoy and are looking forward to seeing which styles you will use him in!

Thanks again – Joey

Oh yeah…. let’s not forget his wife and runner up in the world’s martial arts tournament android 18!



Introducing Dragon Ball Z: “Revelation”

As the fourth Starter Deck set (the first starter set for FanZ and 10th set overall) Dragon Ball Z: Revelation aims to take the DBZ tcg to new heights. With Revelation we will be introducing a new mastery for each style, brand new MP sets for fan favorites such as Supreme Kai, Dabura, and Goten. Older MP’s such as Krillin will receive a new personality set as well as his wife android 18 receiving her first Hero personality stack.

traitsguide.pngPerhaps the most exciting new addition to the game in Revelations is the new Trait system. This mechanic was already somewhat represented in the game with saiyan and namekian personalities. However, the world of dragon ball is vast and filled with different types of fighters and we thought that they should be represented as well! For example maybe personalities with the earthling trait are more adept at manipulation energy attacks like the great turtle and crane schools, while android personalities can pay for attacks in other ways thanks to their limitless stamina. We will be providing cards similar to this trait card for each different trait, similar to the Heritage List in the old rule books, If a panini personality you control does not have a trait listed simply refer to the trait card to see what traits that personality has. For example you are playing Yamcha and were wondering what trait he has, if you were to look through the trait list you would see that Yamcha only has the earthling trait. On release of Revelation we will be updating all of the FanZ set personalities to have the correct traits listed on the card itself, oh and for those of you that ordered the Awesomesauce proxies….well we’ve known about this mechanic for awhile and all of the proxies will have the traits on them already!!


Here is an example of set9’s Kami with the traits. As you can see on his card Kami has 2 traits God and Namekian. This means that this level of Kami is considered both a god and a namekian for any effects. Next we have an example of how traits will work on cards in the game!


Set 10 brings back fan favorite Blue Terror and you may notice the god symbol there on the card, how does this work in game? Any personality may run Blue Terror in the deck and may also perform the attack. However, the card effect following the God trait only triggers if the personality performing the attack (MP or Ally) has the matching trait. So if Kami performs Blue Terror he gets to use the card effect following the God trait. In contrast if Krillin performs Blue Terror he does not get to use the card effect as he does not have the god trait.

Hope everyone is as excited about Revelation as we here at the DeadZone are!! Look forward to more info in the time leading up to our Nov15th release date!



Gencon Decklists

Hey Z WarriorZ!

Joel Glasser here!

First – myself, Joey, Jason, and the entire FanZ production team wanted to thank everyone that came out to our first annual Gencon Event.  We cannot wait until next year!

At some point in the next week or two, we are going to get reviews of both the FanZ Tournament as well as Tim’s Fusion Format Tournament, which actually had a FanZ card push Didier Greenleaf towards a victory on Friday.  But for now, we wanted to get you all some very late decklists and pictures from the event to make sure those that came in the Top 8 get the recognition they deserve.

Continue reading “Gencon Decklists”

Make FanZ Great Again

There has been a lot of bluster over the last several days, mostly pertaining to the Legacy Bonus, its associated restrictions, and what this all means for the future of ‘competitive’ FanZ.

We want to be very clear — Black Devious Mastery & Red Enraged Mastery are extremely powerful and would put the game into the point-of-no-return, well beyond the current power of Masteries such as Orange Retribution & Saiyan Empowered.

The FanZ Dev Team would’ve loved nothing more than for these Masteries to stay Frozen, but after all, FanZ is a fan service, by fans.  It’s about creativity, options, variety, and fun for those who continue to play a game no longer supported by its parent company.  The overwhelming discussion and opinions on the internet in the days prior to the Final Panini CRD led us to believe we could make a compromise — give the fans of these Masteries access to them again, while enacting simple and clean rules to keep them balanced.  We also try our absolute hardest to adopt Panini’s rulings, errata, and guidelines into FanZ.  After all, that’s our roots.  This change, however, had to be mitigated due to the design of cards during Awakening that never would have happened if these Masteries were still allowed to be used in tournaments.

In the yet-to-be-announced “Set 10”, we will be debuting new Masteries.  We are extremely excited about developing these cards and their various supporting cards — and we are also excited about the possibility of shaping the meta with a new Frozen List.  With the first official FanZ OP season wrapping up at the end of the summer, we will have an opportunity (as originally communicated during the roll out of OP & the first FanZ CRD) to create a new Frozen List that keeps the meta fresh and allows these new Masteries to take hold with the fans.  Black Devious, Red Enraged, and others from Premiere and Evolution are being watched very closely, and will more than likely fade into the sunset with Set 10’s arrival.  But, you never know.

This latest CRD is designed to carry us all through the end of the OP Season.  It’s not an indictment of Panini, or a dictator demanding that you all play the way we say.  FanZ has always been about offering — not mandating — structure.

We thank all of you that have shown unwavering (and sometimes scary) support for our efforts.  It makes continuing to design, playtest, and deliver the game we love really worthwhile, even in the shadow of Bandai, MetaX, and other competitive games vying for everyone’s attention and leisure time.

We can’t wait to see what decks you all cook up for the final OP events of the year.  Have fun, compete hard, and Make FanZ Great Again.

-The FanZ Dev Team


Legends Easy-Print PDF

You can download the Easy-Print PDF of Legends here.

More Legends Revisions

We have updated the text of Orange Grimace and Namekian Malicious Intent.  You can find the images here and on the Legends checklist.

A Cold Reception

We have updated King Cold – Caught Off Guard from Celestial Tournament to reflect his true intent.  Kudos to all of you that used him in unique ways as a “Named” card for different MP’s!  For balancing and intent purposes, he now acts as a Named card only for his kin — Cooler, Frieza, and the newly released Chilled.  You can find the updated image here, on the Celestial Tournament checklist, and in the newly updated CRD as well.

40_King Cold Ally RV1


We are admittedly imperfect — especially when trying to balance our workaday demands with getting you fans content as quickly as possible.  We definitely missed some overpowered interactions with Red Enraged Mastery and the Legacy Bonus, so we are adding some more cards to the restricted list — including one card that is sure to elicit some dissenting opinions:

  • Red Flourish (Awakening U94)
  • Red Driving Knee (Awakening C41)
  • Unleashed (Vengeance UR142)

Red Flourish has redundant interactions with the classic Red Shoulder Grab, and was not created with Enraged Mastery in mind.  We felt it best to restrict this card as opposed to Grab, which is really a staple in a wider variety of Red decks than Flourish is.

Red Driving Knee just has too much raw explosive potential with Red Enraged Mastery, generating up to 3 anger without any other effects in play.  We felt it needed to be restricted.

Unleashed has been a troublesome card since it’s release, splitting the community.  Some love it, some hate it.  We are using the Legacy Bonus for the remainder of the season as a proving ground for this restriction, and ultimately may introduce cards in “Set 10” that support most of the positive aspects of Unleashed without some of the negative ones.

We have also made a change to the text of Red Scanning Drill (Awakening U95), in order to prevent an infinite loop with Bardock.  We understand that this goes against our normal “FanZ errata before PanZ errata”, but in the interest of letting Bardock stretch his legs for the rest of the OP season, we are going to make this small change and revisit it after the season is over.

You can download Panini CRD 1.4 here

Legacy Bonus & More

FanZ Faithful –

All Legends revisions are now uploaded on the checklist.  If you catch any we missed – don’t hesitate to leave a comment here on on Facebook!  We have also created revised images for Orange Bicycle Kick and Orange Meditation with their new text.  You can find them on the Celestial Tournament checklist, and below:

We have been receiving a lot of questions about specific Legends cards and rulings.  There are two that we felt needed addressing on a large scale.  Please read below.

Question? My opponent is at 4 stages above zero, can I dealt critical damage via Chilled’s personality powers?

Answer! Yes you can, here are a few examples of it.

1) You are at 4 stages above zero and need to take 5 stages of damage. You lower to zero and convert the last stage into life cards. You physically took 4 stages and 1 life card. Effects that look for stages dealt will see 5 stages dealt. Effects that look for life cards dealt will see 1 life card dealt.

2) You are at 1 stage above zero and need to take 6 stages and 4 life cards. You lower to zero and convert the remaining 5 stages into life cards. You take all 5 life cards without finding any Endurance. Then you begin taking the remaining 4 life cards of damage. On the first card, you see Endurance 3 and banish it to prevent the remaining 3 life cards of damage. You physically took 1 stage and 6 life cards. Effects that look for stages dealt will see 6 stages dealt. Effects that look for life cards dealt will see 6 life cards dealt.

3) You are at 1 stage above zero and need to take 6 stages and 4 life cards. You lower to zero and convert the remaining 5 stages into life cards. You take the first life card and see Endurance 3 and banish it to prevent 3 life cards. You still have 1 converted life card left to take from the stages of damage and take that life card of damage. Then you begin taking the remaining 4 life cards of damage. On the first card, you see Endurance 2 and banish it to prevent 2 life cards, then you finish taking the last life card without any more Endurance. You physically took 1 stage and 4 life cards. Effects that look for stages dealt will see 3 stages dealt. Effects that look for life cards dealt will see 4 life cards dealt.

Question? Will FanZ be adopting the final panini CRD in full, main the Legacy Thawing Bonus?

Answer! Yes with two small additional rules to the Legacy Thawing Bonus Rule. Decks that use the “Legacy Thawing Bonus” may not include cards from any FanZ release such as “Celestial Tournament” or “Legends”, and some cards will be restricted if you use the Legacy Thawing Bonus.

Example 1) A deck consisting of the Black Devious Mastery and the Frieza MP may not include cards such as: Friez-Resident of HFIL, Frieza’s Arrogance, or Black Punt.

Example 2) A deck consisting of the Red Enraged Mastery and the Krillin MP may not include cards such as: Krillin’s Kamehameha, Red Team Fire, or Olibu-Legendary

You can read the updated CRD, along with the Legacy Bonus Restricted List, here