Kai Championship Series 1!


We are happy to release the player created cards from Kai Championship Series 1 as well as a few highly demanded ones from our player base as well that just didn’t fit in our normal release schedule.  These cards will become legal for organized play on 2/26/2018. There will also be a tab with the cards listed and a pdf very soon. So without further ado, we once again congratulate all of our season 1 Kai Champions  and that all of our future champions for attending the Kai event series and helping make our game great! So here are the cards!

We hope everyone loves this first ever OP mini set and make sure to pay attention to the blog for updates, deck lists, and results from the community, Dragon Prix, and Kai events this organized play season!



North Kai Announcement and Jingle BellZ top 4

First off, North Kai is moving to March 10th, 2018. The blog announcement has been updated and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this change. Look for a post with links for every kai event soon on the blog.

The following are the top 4 decks from the JingleBellZ at Showcase comics in Louisiana

1st Joey DiCarlo

Goten 1 -4
orange retribution mastery

time is a warriors tool x1
Gohan, the great saiyaman x1
earth dragon ball 7 x1
orange distracting drill x1
orange disaster drill x1
orange bottle drill x1
orange crying drill x1
orange restructuring drill x1
orange possession drill x1
orange steady drill x1
orange joint restraint drill x1
orange burning aura drill x1
orange checkup drill x1
orange bicycle kick x3
orange spine kick x3
orange juke x3
goten’s defensive stance x3
goten’s rock throw x3
orange launcher x2
orange refocus x3
orange meditation x3
orange collision x3
orange stare down x2
confrontation x3
orange extension x2
orange flee x3
orange uppercut x3
heroic dashing punch x2
heroic energy sphere x2
devastating blow x2
visiting the past x2


2nd Solomon Mcgeehan

krillin 1-3 (s10) krilin 4 (s1)
blue resolute mastery

blue dominance x3
blue charging drill x1
blue recuperating drill x1
blue lifting drill x1
visiting the past x2
earth dragonball 7 x1
blue blockade x2
blue head knock x3
blue arm blast x3
blue mental drill x1
blue positioning drill x1
blinding energy move x2
pesky barrage x3
bulma, genius x1
yamcha, action ready x1
android 18, wife x1
energy toss x3
time is a warriors tool x1
krillin’s destructo disk x3
krillin’s kamehameha x3
confrontation x2
playful punch x3
overpowering attack x3
blue narrow escape x1
blue leverage x3
blue shifting manuever x3
blue guard x2
blue ki build up x3
blue neck beam x 3


3rd Brad Ictech

cell 1-4 (s7)
saiyan oppressive mastery

saiyan shattering blow x2
saiyan peace x2
cell jr unrelenting x1
cell jr trapped x1
king vegeta, saiyan king x1
turles, fighter x1
nappa,space traveler x1
earth dragonball 7 x1
tree of might x1
unleashed x2
time is a warriors tool x 1
saiyan outrage x3
cell’s draining attack x2
saiyan energy outburst x3
saiyan tantrum x3
saiyan burst x3
saiyan chest blast x3
blinding energy move x2
saiyan severing punch x2
saiyan crouch x2
saiyan club x2
saiyan reverse catch x3
saiyan parry x3
saiyan elbow drop x3
saiyan left kick x3
saiyan grab x3
saiyan gut kick x3
saiyan stomach thrust x 3


4th Destin Tuleya

goku 1-4 (s7)
orange retribution mastery

orange eruption x3
time is a warriors tool x1
confrontation x3
goku’s search x2
visiting the past x2
assisted kamehameha x2
orange encouragement x3
orange disaster drill x1
orange left burst x3
orange stare down x3
orange dismissal x2
orange refocus x2
orange energy catch x2
orange juke x3
orange defense x1
orange burning aura drill x1
orange possession drill x1
orange steady drill x1
orange rage x 3
orange fierce attack x3
orange charged kick x3
orange collision x3
heroic dashing punch x2
orange swerve x2
orange checkup drill x1
orange crying drill x1
orange meditation x2
orange investigation drill x1
orange captivity drill x1
orange aggression x 2


Jingle BellZ along with the Dennis Bowl event are the  1st community run Power Level events. The Power Level breakdown for this event was as follows 1st(400) 2nd(150) 3rd/4th(50). As Joey is part of the design team, he cannot gain Power Level from this event this means that he is not counted for the assignment of Power Level so 1st would pass to 2nd place, 4th would pass to 5th place, etc.

The Power Level gained from this event is as follows!

1st place Solomon Mcgeehan, blue resolute krillin (400)

2nd place Brad Ictech, saiyan oppressive cell (150)

3rd place Destin Tuleya, orange retribution goku (50)

4th place Mark Vicedomini, red ruthless broly (50)


Thanks again everyone and look for the top 4 lists from the Dennis games, a power level tracker tab, and more blog posts and announcements soon!


Organized Play Season 2!!

We are happy to introduce to everyone our second OP season! Throughout the course of the season there will be many community events as well as official fanZ OP events which will help grant Z-Warriors Power Level, Power level will of course help players enter into the tournament of power at the end of the season!

So without further delay, here are our event titles, locations, and power level distribution.

*Dragon Prix -Wild Card Qualifiers*

Over the course of the season there will be (2) Wild Card Qualifiers . One to  start of the season and one to end the season. These events award Power Level as well as awarding it’s champion automatic entry into the end of the year Tournament of Power.

The Power Level distribution for Dragon Prix- Wild Card Qualifiers is as follows.

1st: 2,000 Power Level and invite to the Tournament of Power

2nd: 1,000 Power Level

3rd/4th: 500 Power Level

The locations and dates for these events are as follows

  1. Mindsight Gaming            Jan 27th
    2212 60th street
    Kenosha, WI 53140
  2. Eternal Games                   June 9th
    (586) 684-4263 | Store                                                                                                                  Warren, Michigan

*Kai Championships* (note: dates subject to change)

Over the course of the season there will be (6) Kai Championships. These events award Power Level, an invite to the T.O.P for the winner, as well as giving the winner the ability to design and develop a card for a future release!

The Power Level and Prize Distribution for Kai Championships

1st: 9,001 Power Level , invite to the Tournament of Power, ability to create a card of assigned style.

2nd: 2,500 Power Level

3rd/4th: 1,000 Power Level

5th/8th: 500 Power Level

The Kai Championships assigned styles, dates, and locations are as follows!

*West Kai * Namekian Style : Forgotten Path Games in Vacaville CA , Call (707) 474-9834, Feb 10th

*Supreme Kai* Black style:  Card addicts 2015 Valleydale Rd, Suite 8, Birmingham, Alabama 35244, (205) 443-8060,  Feb 24th

*South Kai* Blue style: Showcase comics, 1071 Robert Rd Suite 12, Slidell, Louisiana , 70458, Call (985) 214-9100  ,  March 24th

*North Kai* Red style: Xtreme Games, Antioch, Illinois, Call (224) 788-9100, March 10th

*East Kai* Saiyan style: The comic book store, 30 N. Main Street, Glassboro NJ 08028, 856-442-0402 , April 28th

*Grand Kai* Orange style: Chaos Games and More, 521 Chinook Ln Pueblo, CO 81001 , 719-542-1237   May 26th

Lastly ….

*The Tournament of Power*

The Tournament of Power is going to be an online tournament consisting of the top 16 players from this Organized Play season. These 16 players will consist of the 6 Kai winners, the 2 Wild card winners from the Dragon Prix events, and lastly the 8 players from the season with the highest Power Levels! Look for more info in the future and this event will take place after the season….date tba


Q and A

q) I’ve already won a kai event and have just won my second kai event. what happens?

a) You still gain the 9001 power level from the 1st place finish in the 2nd kai event. However, the 2nd T.O.P invite and 2nd create a card grandfathers down to 2nd place and so on.

q) Can fanZ development staff qualify for the T.O.P.

a) No. FanZ development staff can play in OP however they do not qualify for power level, card creation, or T.O.P invites. If they place high these prizes would grandfather down.

q) How do we track power level?

a) We will be tracking power level here on the blog. Look for a OP season Tab soon that will include a “leader board”, qualified players, and event pages.


We hope this announcement has y’all pumped as much as we are! The team can’t wait to see, meet, and get some games in with all of you soon!




Saying Goodbye to (20)17

2017 is coming to a close, and it’s been an exciting year for FanZ!  As Bandai’s Dragon Ball Super Trading Card game takes off, it’s wonderful to see such a dedicated group of die-hard fans keeping this game rolling along.  FanZ has seen 3 sets, new MP’s, new mechanics, and finally – new Masteries.

You’ll find an updated PDF along with some refreshed image files on the Revelation Checklist.  In addition, MP’s and Allies from Celestial Tournament & Legends have been updated to reflect their appropriate Traits.

We wish you all Happy Holidays & a wonderful ’18!

CRD changes and updates!

The following changes are effective immediately! Look for these updates to be added to the Revelation checklist as well as an addition to the FanZ crd. Also expect a s8 and s9 image update so that the Personality cards will have the traits printed on them!

Also make sure to keep sending in those Kai event request to fanzorganizedplay@gmail.com! We want to make sure we pick locations that will grant OP events to as much of our player base as possible so send in those requests while there is still time! Look for more info on the Kai events and the Tournament of Power in the coming weeks!


Organized Play Season 2!

Organized play season 2 applications are here! With the great success of our first season of Kai events it is only natural for us to schedule our season 2!

This year, expect 6 “Kai” level events(north, south, east, west, grand, and supreme). Each event will have a specific Style attached to it; the winner of the event getting the right to make a card of that Style for an upcoming FanZ release (working title OP2)! In addition to the create-a-card prize, the FanZ team will be serving up physical copies of promos from FanZ sets, and of course the specific store hosting the event can sweeten the pot with prizes of their own!

Want to submit a request to host a Kai event?  Send an email to FanzOrganizedPlay@gmail.com with your name, store you represent, store contact info, rough estimate of attendance, any prizes you would supply ( top cut mats, trophies, etc), and preferred event date (send a couple to increase your odds!) We will be choosing events in the next few weeks so make sure to get those applications in quick!

In addition to the Kai events we will be holding a “Tournament of Power” (look for more info soon). Each Kai event will reward players “Power Level” for this OP season. At the end of the OP season a select number of players who have the highest Power Level will be chosen to fight in the “Tournament of Power” to show who is the most powerful z-warrior in all the lands…well for this OP season at least. Look for more information on this event when the Kai events are announced.

dbz kai 2

In the meantime! Here are some upcoming and exciting Fan run events for every to get everyone warmed up for Organized Play season 2!





The Dennis Games






Present or Future?

Today I am happy to reveal “Kid Trunks”…yes thats right Kid Trunks. Why is this a thing? Well im going to be completely honest with all of you, through the development of Panini DBZ Kid Trunks was always planned to just be called Trunks. This means his stack would be mixable with (future) Trunks as well as sharing a named card pool with him. This was reflected in cards such referencing Trunks, with the intent of it working with any future Trunks stacks. With that said, we here at FanZ do pay attention to what people say and claim to want, so after alot of deliberating it was decided to diverge from the Panini path in this instance in order to give the people what they want! This also helps extremely cool fan events like the WMAT by adding another unique MP set for them to use. Now I know alot of you will say ” well what about future Gohan ?!?! If he’s mixable why isn’t Trunks??? rabble raaabbblllee piccolo named card rabble” This will be address in the s10 CRD. I dont mind spoiling how this works with Gohan right now, essentially due to the 1 shot nature of “future” Gohan he will maintain his title of “Gohan” however there will be a CRD entry specifying that if you are using one of the “Future” Gohan levels you must use them all, aka he will not be mixable with other Gohan stacks but will still have full access to Gohan named cards.

Well with that wall of text out of the way, we are happy to present you “Kid Trunks”, His named cards, and of course his mother.