North Kai Results and Deck Lists

Listed above is the top 4 Deck Lists from North Kai! Thanks again to Batcave Games for hosting the event and of course to the players who attended as well! Listed below is the top 8 players who qualified for Power Level from the event.

Champion: Jeff Sosa: 9,001
2. Sundeep Kutumbaka:2,500
3. Chris Coulter: 1,000
4. Jess Liddel: 1,000
5. Tom Alsteen: 500
6. Dmitry Ladyko: 500
7. Justin Santana: 500
8. Clint Graeber: 500

We are also happy to show off TWO more non-styled spoilers for Movie Collection 2!

We are happy to announce that the release date of Movie Collection 2 is 2/24/19! This means that it will be legal for all FanZ events starting on 3/2/19. We hope everyone is looking forward to seeing what the set has in store and how it will affect the s12 meta game.

NC Dragon Prix Deck Lists!

Listed above is the top 4 Deck Lists from the NC Dragon Prix event! Thanks again to  Gamers Alley for hosting the event and all of the players for attending! Listed below is the top4  players who qualified for Power Level from the event.

Champion: Dan Dagron: 2,000 power level :Red Ruthless Vegeta (Villain)
2nd: Cheyne Runnells: 1,000 power level :Orange Adaptive 18 (Hero)
3rd: Jackie McCoy: 500 power level :Orange Adept Buu
4th: Anthondy Tardino: 500 power level : Namekian Knowledge Cell

Lastly we are happy to reveal another card from movie collection 2!

South Kai Results and Deck Lists!


Anthony Tardino: Radiant Future Gohan

Planning 16
Earth Dragon Ball 1-7
Dragon Radar x1
Namekian Dragon Clan x1
Krillin – Supportive x1
Kami – Guardian x1
Bulma – Genius x1
Piccolo – Waiting x1
ChiChi – Armed & Dangerous x1
Icarus – Supportive x1
Yajirobe – Bundled x1

Events 4
Confrontation x2
Heroic Energy Sphere x2

Blocks 13
Time is a Warrior’s Tool x1
Namekian Hybrid Defense x3
Namekian Reinforced Block x3
Namekian Flinch x3
Namekian Buffer x3

Attacks 27
Namekian Destruction x1
Namekian Overhead Blast x3
Namekian Maximum Will x3
Namekian Confident Burst x3
Namekian Surge x3
Namekian Salvo x2
Namekian Force Push x2
Namekian Resourceful Shot x2
Sinister Choke x2
Assisted Kamehameha x2
Gohan’s Backlash x3
Overpowering Attack x1

Listed above is the top 4 Deck Lists from South Kai. Unfortunately we lost the Deck List Images from the event so the formatting of the Deck Lists is different than our usual presentation. With that said, big thanks to Showcase Comics and Collectibles for hosting another South Kai! Below is the top 8(9) players from the weekend.

1st: Joey DiCarlo : Blue Protective Supreme Kai
2nd: Wayne Bettis (Champion) : Black Mischievous Supreme Kai
3rd: Anthony Tardino: Namekian Radiant Gohan(Future)
4th: Alex Stewart: Blue Resourceful Vegeta (Villain)
5th: Kevin Curtis : Namekian Knowledge Cell
6th: Kevin Dennis : Black Mischievous Supreme Kai
7th: Vinnie DeLucca : Blue Resourceful Android 13
8th: Jordan Watkins  : Blue Resourceful Hercule
9th: Daniel Behee : Orange Combative Trunks

As Joey is not eligible for power level and the create a card prize these will grandfather to Wayne as Champion of the event. Also that means that 9th place would slot into 8th place and receive power level for this event! Congratulations again to our top 8!

To celebrate another successful OP3 event we will also be previewing an Ally card from Movie Collection 2!
trunks ally.

East Kai Top 4 Deck Lists!

Thanks again to The Comic Book Store for hosting East Kai in op3! Pictured above are the top 4 Deck lists from the event.
Congrats to the Top 8 from the event as well!
Champion: Tom D
2nd: Brian Fogler
3rd: T.J Corcoran
4th: Kelly Dennis
5th: Kevin Curtis
6th: Kevin Dennis
7th: Marc Bolger
8th: Tom Contello

Look for the South Kai results and Deck Lists within the next few days as well as more information on Movie Collection 2! Lastly here is a little peak from the new set…..

Movie Collection 2!

Tonight we are happy to preview the Bojack MP and named cards from Movie Collection 2! We will also be posting the deck lists from East and South Kai this weekend. Make sure to keep your eyes on the dead zone for information on the release date of Movie Collection 2 as well.

Movie Collection 2

Here is an early preview for the next set “Movie Collection 2”. Look for more information on the new set as well as an update to the current Player Power Level standings soon! With that said we here at FanZ are happy to present to you everyone’s favorite swamp monster, Broly!