Gravity training at Mechacon!

As an early start to season 3 OP there were two convention events (mechacon and gencon) granting early Power Level! Here are the top 4 deck lists from Mechacon, look for the Gencon deck lists later this week. Also, with the tournament of power right around the corner make sure to check the blog frequently for post leading up to the event!!

Alex Stewart 4th 250 power level


Orange Adept Mastery

3x Orange Spine Kick
2x Orange Collision
3x Orange Beatdown
2x Orange Extension
2x Orange Uppercut
3x Orange Elbow Rush
3x Orange Refocus
2x Devastating Blow
2x Heroic Dashing Punch
3x Goten’s Rock Throw
3x Goten’s Defensive Stance
2x Orange Stare Down
3x Orange Bicycle Kick
1x Orange Flee
1x Orange Distracting Drill
1x Orange Disaster Drill
1x Orange Intimidating Drill
1x Orange Bottle Drill
1x Orange Restructuring Drill
1x Orange Possession Drill
1x Orange Joint Restraint Drill
1x Orange Burning Aura Drill
1x Orange Steady Drill
1x Orange Checkup Drill
2x Visiting The Past
1x Time Is A Warrior’s Tool
3x Confrontation
2x Heroic Energy Sphere
3x Orange Juke
3x Orange Meditation
1x On The Move
1x Gohan, The Great Saiyaman

Logan Madar 3rd 250 power level

Goten Orange Adept Mastery

Orange Adept

3x Orange Spine Kick
2x Orange Collision
3x Orange Beatdown
2x Orange Extension
2x Orange Uppercut
3x Orange Elbow Rush
3x Orange Refocus
2x Devastating Blow
2x Heroic Dashing Punch
3x Goten’s Rock Throw
3x Goten’s Defensive Stance
2x Orange Stare Down
3x Orange Bicycle Kick
1x Orange Flee
1x Orange Distracting Drill
1x Orange Disaster Drill
1x Orange Intimidating Drill
1x Orange Bottle Drill
1x Orange Restructuring Drill
1x Orange Possession Drill
1x Orange Joint Restraint Drill
1x Orange Burning Aura Drill
1x Orange Steady Drill
1x Orange Checkup Drill
2x Visiting The Past
1x Time Is A Warrior’s Tool
3x Confrontation
2x Heroic Energy Sphere
3x Orange Juke
3x Orange Meditation
2x On The Move

Chris Clodfelter 2nd 500 power level

Namekian Knowledge Mastery

Piccolo, composed
Piccolo, combat stance
Piccolo, fierce combatant
Piccolo, revitalized

Namek dragon ball 1
Namek dragon ball 2
Namek dragon ball 3
Namek dragon ball 4
Namek dragon ball 5
Namek dragon ball 6
Namek dragon ball 7
3x Namekian right throw
3x namekian knee block
3x namekian forceful block
3x namekian flinch
2x wall breaker
2x devastating blow
1x namekian zone pressure
3x namekian energy guard
2x namekian maximum will
2x namekian double strike
2x namekian onslaught
2x optic blast
3x namekian hybrid defense
3x piccolo’s weighted clothing
2x heroic energy sphere
1x time is a warriors tool
1x puzzler
1x tug of war
1x namekian hurried quest
2x namekian growth
2x namekian fusion
2x visiting the past
1x namekian wish
1x namekian dragon clan
1x namekian planetary countdown
1x dragon radar
1x Dende, Earths guardian
1x Korin, watching from afar
1x Kami guardian

Vinnie DeLucca 1st   1,000 power level

Android 13

Blue Resourceful Mastery

1x Android 14, stoic
1x Android 15, relaxed
1x Android 20, mastermind
3x Blue off balanced punch
3x Blue stretch kick
1x Tree of might
3x Blue sword stance
2x Visiting the past
3x Blue brace
3x Blue tempo
2x Blue takedown
3x Blue smug punch
2x Blue slide
3x Blue lunge
3x Blue leverage
2x Blue knee
3x Blue head knock
3x Blue shifting maneuver
3x Stare down
1x Time is warriors tool
2x Blue Decapitation
3x Unleashed
3x Blue betrayal
3x Android 13’s Impenetrable defense
3x Android insubordination


Escalation FAQ

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying FanZ set 11 “Escalation”! Below are some commonly asked questions we have seen for the set so far. Hope this helps!

Q: Nappa, Space Traveler vs Buu’s Candy Beam and Buu’s Cookie

A: Buu’s Candy Beam triggers the Power and uses the effect of Buu’s Cookie, this does get around Nappa’s constant ability. For example Cookie via Beam will attach to and blank Nappa.
*Side note, cards like “The Implication” and “halt” cannot cancel the effect of a Cookie applied via Candy beam.*

Q: Vegeta’s Prideful Challenge.
 Can you redirect damage to allies when under the effect of VPC
A: Yes, redirecting damage to an ally is not “using” them. 

Q: Can allies take over combat to use Shield icon cards ( Blocks ), activate drills, setups, or events?

A:During combat, allies may perform actions that involve using their printed power or performing attacks. However, they cannot use the powers of cards that do not perform an attack (e.g. most Events, Setups, and Drills); your MP must use these effects.

These are the most common questions we have seen so far but feel free to ask more! Hope everyone is enjoying deck building and playing with Escalation!

The Tournament of Power!

The information for the 1st ever FanZ “Tournament of Power” is finally here. First off congratulations to the following players for qualifying for the event!
Trevor Cox
Kevin Dennis
Cody Steenmeijer
Tyler Steenmeijer
Hector Gonzalez
Joel Luccion
Eric NG
Mike Tiegs
Daniel Behee
Jeff Sosa
Alex Stewart
Andrew Garten
Solomon Mcgeehan
Brad Ictech
Cheyne Runnells
Tommy Mains

This event will take place on August 26th and round 1 will begin at 11:00 am CST and games are single elimination with no time limit. Games will take place on OCTGN and each game will have a judge in the room as well. Each player in each game will be required to be in a voice chat with their matches judge and we ask that everyone verbalizes actions as well.


Pairings will be determined randomly via ticket/pingpong balls and will be live streamed and recorded to Retro either this week or the next (Look for a blog post once the date is locked in). Deck lists must be submitted and finalized on August 24th and may not be altered after that. Additionally the player with the highest power level may choose to re-roll their dice to determine which player chooses to go first. In addition to AwesomeSauce for qualifying for the event, the winner of the “Tournament of Power” will get to work with the development team to create a Porunga ally in a future FanZ set.


We hope everyone is as excited for this event as we are and once again a big congratulations to everyone for qualifying for this first ever FanZ Tournament of Power!

Babidi Arrives !!

Babidi makes his premier in set 11 “Escalation”. The brand new MP is focused around using and abusing allies of all walks of life but especially  those that he already has under his spell! He brings ally strategies to decks that may not normally have the best ally support but don’t worry he can still shine in pre-existing ally decks such as Blue Tag Team.

Babidi receives 2 named cards in Escalation as well as a slew of Majin allies that enhance and define his play style. Babidi’s Corruption highlights some of the wizards powers by having both a parenthetical effect tied to its use as endurance as well as the power effect that can be used to tutor our an ally or maybe blow one up to escape a potentially fatal combat. Babidi’s Dark Magic is a card that scales nicely over the course of the game by having it’s endurance and it’s mill potential increase based on the number of Majin Allies under your control. Babidi also receives 6 new Majin allies to protect, support, and attack enemies.



Babidi, Mastermind starts us off with a humble energy attack for 2 life cards that searches your Life Deck for a Majin ally. However, the big part of this attack is that not only does your Majin ally have the ability to make actions for the combat you also get a “hit” that nets you an anger for each Majin ally you control.
Babidi, Scheming fits right into many current control strategies in his own little way. His Instant nets a Majin ally from your discard pile. His Power gives you discard pile hate and the ability to abuse one of your own allies to destroy the top 3 cards of your opponent’s Life Deck. A small layer of anger control is nice as well.
Babidi, Worried  adds utility to your planning step by letting you grab  a Majin ally outside of combat! His power continues his ability to hate of the discard pile while enhancing a Majin ally to make their next attack unstoppable! When combined with Blue[Redacted] you can really cause chunks of damage.
Babidi, Controlling continues his interaction with the planning step but now in a way completely unique to his MP stack! At the start of the planning step Babidi can search ANY player’s Life Deck, Discard Pile, or Banished Zone for an ally and play it. This effect creates rarely seen interactions between hero and villain allies.  He also has a built in energy attack and while it’s damage is 0 its real effect is it’s “hit”, if your opponent does not have a block in hand or on the field they better be ready to mill a card for every ally you control!
Overall, Babidi interacts in a new way with allies by not only using them but by also abusing them like any evil wizard should. He opens up both ally and mill strategies and can cause chaos in and out of combat. Will Babidi bring back Tag Team strategies or will he shine in other styles!



Most Powerful Player of the season!

The following is an organized play recap of Trevor Cox’s tournament season! He is the top seed moving into the Tournament of Power, collecting a power level of 14,051! A big congratulations to Trevor on his incredible run this season and good luck in the Tournament of Power!

Hey everyone, Trevor reporting. I had such a blast this OP season seeing old and new faces, traveling across the states, and kicking butt while doing it. I went to 5 OP events in total. Those events being in order: North Kai, East Kai, Midwest Madness, Grand Kai, and last but not least, Michigan last chance qualifier. Listed Below are what deck I took to each event and what my record was.

North Kai Playing Namekian Knowledge Piccolo.
Reason why I chose this deck was because I thought no one was gonna be ready for a dragonball victory centric deck.

Round 1 Against Orange Retribution Drawku piloted by jovonnie: loss

Round 2 Against Blue Resourceful Drawku piloted by anonymous: Won

Round 3 Against Black Mischievous Dabura piloted by Frank: Won

Round 4 Against Orange Adaptive Pikkon piloted by anonymous: Won

Round 5 Against Saiyan Oppressive Goku piloted by Azarith: Won

Top 8 Against Orange Retribution 13 piloted by Eric NG: Won

Top 4 Against Blue Protective Vengeance Gohan Piloted by Matt Tambor: Won

Top 2 Against Blue Protective Future Gohan Piloted By Kevin Dennis: Loss

I honestly thought that was gonna be the only event I attend too besides Midwest Madness, then I discovered flying. Now my love for this game sparked like a raging fire. I had to go to more events to prove that my second place was no fluke. Now onto the next event.


East Kai Playing Retribution 13
I took this deck to East Kai because this deck is just flat out broken in the right pilots hand, which I thought I was #humblebrag. Also inspired by Eric NG when I played against him in North Kai because I only won that match out of pure luck. I felt very confident to at least get top 8 in this event. Now onto the matches

Round 1 Against Blue Resolute King Kai piloted by Kenny: Won

Round 2 Against Blue Tag Cell piloted by Kevin Dennis: Loss

Round 3 Against Namekian Radiant Nail piloted by Joshua Gregory: Won

Round 4 Against Orange Retribution Drawku Piloted by Solomon: Won

Round 5 Against Namekian Enlightened Gohan Piloted By Kelly Dennis: Loss

Top 8 Against Namekian Enlightened Gohan Piloted By Dan Dragon: Won

Top 4 Against Orange Adaptive 18 piloted by Cheyenne: Won

Top 2 Against Orange Retribution Drawku against Solomon: Won

And there I was, victorious. Definitely got my invite to the tournament of power. Met lots of new friends and played in an after party tournament that was loads of fun. But like all good times, it had to end. Now I got to fly back and get ready for Midwest madness.


Midwest madness Playing Namekian Enlightened Gohan
Reason why I chose this deck was because I wanted to surprise the locals I was traveling with. I needed a deck that seemed fun to play by sitting there and playing mind games. Straight netdeck from Kelly Dennis when he played it at East Kai.

Round 1: Had a bye

Round 2 Against Namekian Knowledge Piccolo piloted by Jayton: Loss

Round 3 Against Blue Protective FG piloted by Troy: Won

Round 4 Against Saiyan Rampaging Nappa piloted by Christian: Won

Top 8 Against Orange Combative Kami piloted by Nathan: Won

Top 4 Against Red Ruthless Drawku piloted by Timothy: Loss

We definitely had fun, but now we had to go to our annual steak and shake meetup. Good good was had and new deck ideas were brewing in my head. Now I had no idea I was actually going to make Colorado till the very last day. I had my deck ready just in case, and was glad to go nevertheless.


Grand Kai Playing Blue Protective Vengeance Gohan.
Reason why I chose this deck was because I thought decks were teching against anger, and not so much allies. Got the idea from Matt Tambor with a couple of changes I made in the deck.

Round 1 Against Orange Adapt Pikkon Piloted By Chris Jones: Won

Round 2 Against Orange Combative Trunks piloted by Ryan Baudin: Won

Round 3 Against Red Ascension Krillin Piloted by Joel Luccion: Won

Round 4 Against Orange Retribution Hercule piloted by Jacob Shrum: Loss

Round 5 against Namekian Knowledge FG piloted by Jeff Sosa: Loss

Top 8 Against Orange Combative Trunks piloted by Ryan Baudin: Won

Top 4 Against Namekian Knowledge FG piloted by Jeff Sosa: Won

Top 2 Against Red Ascension Krillin Piloted by Joel Luccion: Loss

That was by far one of the most mind numbing events I went to. So many actions where if not sequenced correctly, could’ve lost me games. Joel just has a nice board built up before I could do anything about it. Now prepping for the last chance qualifier, I just wanted to play a fun beats deck. Jayton showed up and showed me what ruthless piccolo could accomplish, and I was hooked.


Michigan Last Chance Qualifier Playing Red Ruthless Piccolo
Reason why I chose this deck was because I wanted to implement a surprise factor, which ruthless piccolo definitely was. Lots of good people here, so the tournament was stacked.

Round 1 Against Namekian Combative Kami piloted by anonymous: Loss

Round 2 Against Red Ascension Trunks piloted by anonymous: Won

Round 3 Against Saiyan Empowered Broly piloted by
Round 4 Against Blue Resolute Goku piloted by jovonnie: Loss

Round 5 Against Red Ascension Yamcha piloted by Kevin: Loss

The only event I didn’t make a top 8, but also the most fun event I had out of the whole season. Many laughs were had, crazy deck interactions to see, and lots of old faces to see.

1 OP season down, many more to go. Can’t wait to see what the Devs have in store for us. Hopefully Octgn treats me nice so I won’t get disqualified right away. Thank you everyone for continuing and supporting this game I love to the bottom of my heart. Can’t wait to see you guys again, and hopefully see some new faces soon
This is Trevor Cox, signing out.


A new foe has appeared!

Buu makes his first appearance in fanZ set 11 Escalation! With a brand new MP stack and four new named cards, Buu brings unique and specialized ways to fight off anything an opponent can throw at him!  Buu thrives in combat, like any enormous pink monster should, by being able to control the board through his unique candy magic as well as bringing regeneration to styles that do not have broad access to that style of play.

Starting with Buu-Playful  one can start to piece together how Buu can make his named cards function.  His parenthetical lets you start the game with all of Buu’s tasty treats banished, by doing this Buu’s Candy Beam becomes live immediately which will help Buu maintain control in combat.  Built in attacks always have value and one that can let you pitch a lower value card to blind draw or to discard a “when discarded from hand” effect his built in can really shine.

Buu’s named cards from a synergistic strategy and can be search of from the banished zone via Candy Beam. Candy beam also produces value in deck as it can banish attached cards when it is discarded or destroyed from your Life Deck. Cookie, Chocolate, and Candy all provide different ways of dealing with allies, setups, and drills which is very unique to Buu. Taking and blanking an opponent’s card is powerful in its own right but gaining a small power effect in the process is hard to beat.

Buu-Abomination once again makes you want to be in combat by providing ways to both rejuvenate and shuffle cards into the Life Deck, for anger strategies or beat down strategies that want to progress to Buu’s higher and more powerful personalities, his “Hit effect” adds a lot of versatility and power as well.


Buu- Monstrous is a defining level for the MP stack. This level increases your regenerative abilities even outside of combat. This may seem underwhelming at first in certain styles but don’t forget that this triggers during his rejuvenation step as well! Buu’s Lv3 still rewards you for being in combat, his instant combined with his constant provides a quick heal when entering combat which can help you maintain momentum. His built in attack also provides more synergy with his named cards.


Buu-Steaming is one of the premier level 4 personalities in the game. His constant can force your opponent to sequence their attacks in unfavorable ways, his instant can provide a way to get more value out of his named cards, and lastly his power hits for a meaty 8 stages and provides and very strong hit effect that can heal Buu in a pinch by using his named setups in a different way.


Overall, Buu provides options for both aggressive and defensive play styles and truly loves combat where his built in attacks, power level, and unique board control can really shine. We here at FanZ hope that everyone enjoys this brand new MP and looks forward to more previews from set 11 “Escalation”.