Buu’s Original Form Revealed!

In Showdown Buu is given another Villain Stack. You will notice that the LV1 grants immediate advantage through Card draw and the ability to banish cards from your own Life Deck. Buu LV2,3,4 all put your opponent in a precarious situation. Buu has potent attacks built in at all of these levels. However, not in … Continue reading Buu’s Original Form Revealed!

Tien Reveal

In Showdown Tien getsĀ  a new level 2 added to his arsenal. Tenshinhan, Heroic will help Tien push both beat down and MPPV strategies in the Showdown Meta! Next we have the 2 Ultra Rares from Showdown! Knee Clash brings a non styled OMNI block to all Heroes. However, the real advantage to this card … Continue reading Tien Reveal

Showdown Preview!

Based on our Retro Poll we will be Preview the MP's from showdown in the following order: Goku, Tenshinhan, Buu(H), Buu(V)! Don't worry though, if the MP we reveal is a single MP level instead of a full MP stack we will preview other cards from Showdown with it! Goku SS3 introduces and unblock-able attack … Continue reading Showdown Preview!


OLT 5 is now in the books and here are the results! Listed below is the top 4 players from the event, their decks, and the amount of power level they earned in this event for the OP4 season! 1st: Brian Fogler: Black Mischievous Supreme Kai: 400 2nd: Casey Hansman: Orange Energetic Buu: 150 3rd:Derek … Continue reading OLT5


FanZ as a hobby is comprised of great people with a shared passion, and now more than ever, we are aware that it's important to have something positive to help us get through COVID-19 and how it affects our OP season. The following event's West Kai, South Kai, Florida Prix, and Utah Prix will all … Continue reading COVID-19